Sunday, April 28, 2013

Senior Prom

Last night was prom and it was a day filled with prom events.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the nails and the hair.  Now time for the whole look, be ready it is picture overload (on a rain filled, gloomy day, which is hard for picture taking).

First the oldest, Meredith, this was the first dress she tried on.  I do think blue is her color

Next, Kaitlyn (younger by 4 minutes),who loves red and it looks beautiful on her

Love this picture, their nephew is looking through the window and they just cannot get enough of him.

They are the same height (within a 1/2 inch), Meredith has on heels, Kaitlyn Converse tennis shoes!

Full dress view:

The theme was a Masquerade Ball and the local florist made masks.

Speaking of nephew, he came out all decked out for pictures.  It was so cool, we took them inside with the little guy, here he is checking out the ceiling fan.

I think he is fascinated with Kaitlyn's earrings here:

A fun night for all, I just finished making them all breakfast.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

White/Black Embroidery Shirt with Rose Denim Pants

I tell you, I love the hum of  my sewing machine, it relaxes me, calms me, makes me happy.  It is just the perfect hobby and activity.    Now add to the hum of my sewing machine,  The Great British Sewing Bee  playing on my laptop in the sewing room and it just doesn't get much better than that.  As I was working on my blouse from White/Black Geometric Voille, the show just inspired me to do an even better job.

I was imagining May and Patrick critiquing my garment and suggesting other options.  With the critiques, would be positive comments on parts of the garment well done and all was right in the world during this time.   Also,  All the participants on the show, who love to sew and create garments, it was like having my sewing room full of friends.  

I selected Grainline Studio's Archer Shirt

 for the voille and went to work on sewing a garment worthy of the Sewing Bee.  I decided to use white quilting cotton for facings on this shirt, as the voille has incredible texture but two layers would be too much thickness.  I also posted a picture on Instagram for help with the pockets, a significant feature of this pattern but they were getting lost in the pattern design.  Several suggested piping and others bias binding, I went with the piping.  A nice touch at the top of the pockets for some added interest.  I added piping to the back yoke as well.  

Please note this pattern runs larger, it is a boyfriend side and it is long, too.  I always have to add an inch to the body and sleeve on my garments and did on this shirt.  I took it off the body but the cuffs were already completed and look at the great detail on the cuff.  And that cuff is very wide an loose, so if you like a closer fitting cuff, measure the flat piece and adjust.  Here are a few of the shirt details and wonderful close-ups of this fabulous fabric

I have finally found a great pant pattern, Burda 7447, used on my my first Mood Post and pulled it out again to make them from Rose Denim
A perfect weight for spring and summer, plus a nice contrast to the white/black cotton voille. I make these pants with the more tapered bottom as shown on the envelope.  My thoughts were to roll them up in a cropped look.  .  

A few more details on the blouse, I recut the pockets four times.  I wanted the polka dots on the pockets to match with the fabric.  It took some time but I did succeed, thanks Patrick Grant for the inspiration.

I did take in this top on the sides seams by at least 2-3 sizes, something I will take into account cutting out my next one.  Yes, next one and I already have the linen from Mood Fabrics on my cutting table.

The mint belt is a perfect pop of color for this outfit and one of the things I like the best about the white/black cotton voille is the spring trend for this color combination.  With the blouse predominantly white, I can wear this trend and the color looks good on me.  (black isn't a good color on me, makes those good old dark circles pop right on out).  

Today, I just drove around in the country and took pictures for the post and found some places to take some photos.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of the rural area and the sights of spring emerging after a very long winter.

There is a great tutorial for the Archer shirt over Grainline Studio Blog

Monday, April 22, 2013

Look What He is Wearing

The last two days my little grandson has worn a couple shirts I made him before he was born
Here are the original blog posts :shirt one and Shirt two,

Erin sent me pictures from her phone, so here is my little model

this picture I think he is wanting to smile:

This look, I don't know what he is thinking but would love to know what is going through is mind!
He is feeling much better from being sick, just a cough that may linger up to 2 weeks.

Just had to show him off.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

White/Black Cotton Voille Shirt

I have been working on my next Mood Sewing Network garment, I am using this black/white voille and Archer Shirt from Grainline Studios

I love this combination and here are some photos of parts of the shirt:

Collar and stand.  I used quilting cotton for the facing of these.  The dots are raised and I felt using self-fabric would be too thick in these areas.  I am quite pleased with my decision.  A note about this collar, it is the best laying collar I have made.  Much of this is due to the under collar cut on the bias with a seam down the middle.

Cuff, love the detail.

A few days ago, I put a picture of the pocket on Instagram.  I was deciding about running the polka dots horizontal or vertical - the comments were for vertical with piping or bias binding.  I had both in my stash and decided on the piping.

I lined the pocket with quilting cotton. Nice way to finish the top edge and it kept the dots from showing through on the pocket.

Here is an inside view of the collar band and the yoke.

I am so pleased with this pattern but there are few things I will do differently:

  • Make a smaller size, at least one size in the shoulders and bust and 2 sizes in the waist and hips.  I took this in so much in the waist and hips. 
  •  Also, I would go down in the sleeves and cuff.  My cuffs are so loose, I might add another button but would loose the nice detail on the cuff edge
  • I added 1" to the sleeves and body.  I cut that off on the body but was too late on the sleeves.  They are plenty long.  I will eliminate this next time.
Suggestions for this fabric:
  • Use another fabric for facings
  • A walking foot would help with the texture of the fabric.  I do not have a walking foot but part of me thinks my feed dogs are not working properly.  The fabric isn't feeding the best. Might be time for a new machine?  I have been using this one for 15+ years and I know I have many hours of use in it.  I would love a new machine - we will have to see.

Look for the complete blouse with a pair of chinos from rose denim on April 24th on the Mood Sewing Network.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Neighborhood Quilt

I made the most of my time today….. During Kaitlyn’s track meet I handstitched the binding on a quilt between events.  It was a good thing to get done plus it was an excuse to go to the car with the cool, breezy conditions!

The pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman's Modern Patchwork, the pattern is called Neighborhood.  Here is a pillow from the pattern on the Oh Fransson website.

Here is my quilt:
house quilt

Meredith takes care of picking out the quilting pattern for the longarm quilter, I love the one she chose.  It doesn’t take away from the houses, just enhances them.
block close-up
This one I finished during one of the snowstorms in January, it was so nice to complete it as it had been an UFO for several months. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday - Father and Daughter Golf Shirts

This picture makes my heart melt, my face smile and my eyes get a little teary.  It is such a cute picture with such wonderful memories

This was July 2000, the twins were 5-1/2 and we belonged to a local golf course.  Paige our oldest loved to golf, as did my husband (what am I saying he still loves to golf).  We would go to the course on Sunday evenings as a family and play at least 6 holes.  Mike cut down putters for all the girls when they were young so everyone had their own club and it was just the right size.  That was the only time they were allowed to hit, so when we reached the green off they would run with the ball and club.  The girls would hit and count the strokes until the ball was in the hole.

The fabric came from Needle Nook Fabric after a weekend trip to Wichita.  We took the whole family on a mini-trip just so I could shop at Anne's store.  I brought home some great goodies, one of them this stripe knit for matching golf shirts.  In addition to fabric shopping, we went to the zoo, the Science museum and Cow Town (historical venue).

For the twins' shirts, I used Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers
and for my husband's shirt Kwik Sew 1882
In, fact, I found my review for this pattern on Pattern Review

Grandson note, he spent two nights in the hospital the first of the week with RSV, yesterday afternoon he finally seemed to be getting better.  So not much sewing here, I spent my evenings at the hospital loving on the little guy.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Black Quilt with Bright Fabrics

Meredith  has been really churning out the quilts.  Here is one of them back from the long arm quilter and I just finished the binding.

Meredith combined a couple of layer cakes using the bright colors and some yardage of various black quilting cottons.   I love the contrast and the layout of this quilt, an idea we found on Pinterest.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday - Skirt and Vest

Many of you liked the post last Friday (thanks for the nice comments), so I am back with another Flashback Friday.  This one is from Erin's 4th birthday in 1994.  She asked for balloons for her birthday, we supplied a few and  her Mimi (my mom) was happy to bring her some along with a present of course.

This is a simple skirt and a vest from some printed denim, which I purchased at Joann's.

She looks so cute and happy with her balloons and Paige is peaking in at the side of the picture, gosh I love those girls and the memories of that day.

I do not have the patterns anymore but here is something similar that would work.

Simplicity 1785 for the skirt or Simplicity 2576

Simplicity 1786 for the vest with a more 2013 look!


On a side note, this last Tuesday I closed on the the renovated house my son-in-law and I did.  The house had an offer the week after it was listed, just takes some time to close.  I am pleased with the outcome and if the right house came along, I might do it again.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seafoam Linen Jacket

I know you all think all Lori can make is jackets, right?  Two of my three posts have been jackets for the Mood Sewing Network, well I am going to up the odds to three out of four.  I do have a thing for jackets, especially in the spring, when a light jacket is just what you need for the cool, crisp air.  This time I wanted a very versatile jacket, one you could wear with so many outfits.  I also wanted to use a good color for spring, something to freshen up my closet and existing garments, so I picked this seafoam linen - which is very similar to  the popular mint color.

The description from Mood's online store "This is a medium weight woven linen blend with a very soft yet textural hand."

With this description in mind, I selected  a jacket I had made before, Simplicity 2250

 which is also a favorite of fellow Mood Sewing Network blogger, Erica

Since I had made this jacket before, I had a few changes: make a size bigger (I never liked how close-fitting my first one was), lower the bust dart, add 1" to the length of the body and make the sleeves long instead of 3/4 length.  I wanted the ability to roll up the sleeves, so I sewed a partial flat-felled seam on the sleeve, to clean finish the seam.  

Let's go back to the lower the bust dart, this is an alteration I probably should have been doing forever. I am long from the shoulders to the bust apex.   I really noticed this in my navy peplum top, so read in my Palmer and Pletsch fitting book.  The pattern altering is a breeze and one I will continue to do.

So follow along with a picture-filled post, showing the jacket with many items from my closet.  I think it shows how much use I will get with this jacket.  

First with a Maxi-dress

Next up black and white knit tank dress

How about a gray knit maxi skirt and white v-neck tshirt? I think yes.

Two pictures of that one, so you can appreciate the 25-30 mph winds, does good things to the clothing and the hair!

Keeping with the white v-neck t-shirt, change to white jeans and floral wedges

another winner, I think.

Finally, skinny jeans and a striped t shirt

Which was to be my outfit for dinner out with hubby on Saturday night, but dinner out turned into visiting our 5-week old grandson for two hours.  I am sure my grandson thought Nana looked great!  We both thought it was a wonderful date night.

Here is a close-up of the jacket, so you can see some of the details.

My seafoam linen is the perfect weight and drape for a spring to summer jacket, I love the color and the possibilities for my wardrobe. Plus, Simplicity 2250 is a great pattern.  My favorite look is probably the maxi-skirt, followed by the white jeans, oh, wait maybe the striped t-shirt, but wait, I like the stripe dress, too.  Oh, forget it, just like a favorite candy bar, I can't pick just one.  What about you, do you have a favorite?

Final parting shot, this is the picture my camera took as the wind blew over the tripod

I did run up and catch it before it hit the ground, didn't know I could move so fast!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Next Mood Project - Linen Jacket

I have been working on my newest Mood Sewing Network project, seafoam linen

and I am using Simplicity 2250
I have made this one before and made a size 10, which fit okay but only allowed a sleeveless tank underneath.  Here is the first one.

This time, I cut a size 12, much better.  One thing about this jacket, it is unlined, I am fine with that.  The front panel is the only part that is lined, self fabric.  The Simplicity instructions have you layer the facing wrong side together and then handstitch the facing under at the shoulder seams and front seam.
Instead, I stitched the shoulder seams of the front and back.  Then I layered the facing right side to the wrong side of the back, stitching over the previous stitching line.
Then when you turn the facing to the inside, with the front and front facing wrong side together, it encases the shoulder seam for a nice finish.

Next up the binding:

I used steam-a seam to hold the binding in place, keeps it from slipping when I stitch-in-the ditch.

The jacket is finished and will be up on the Mood Sewing Network this week.