Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday - Father and Daughter Golf Shirts

This picture makes my heart melt, my face smile and my eyes get a little teary.  It is such a cute picture with such wonderful memories

This was July 2000, the twins were 5-1/2 and we belonged to a local golf course.  Paige our oldest loved to golf, as did my husband (what am I saying he still loves to golf).  We would go to the course on Sunday evenings as a family and play at least 6 holes.  Mike cut down putters for all the girls when they were young so everyone had their own club and it was just the right size.  That was the only time they were allowed to hit, so when we reached the green off they would run with the ball and club.  The girls would hit and count the strokes until the ball was in the hole.

The fabric came from Needle Nook Fabric after a weekend trip to Wichita.  We took the whole family on a mini-trip just so I could shop at Anne's store.  I brought home some great goodies, one of them this stripe knit for matching golf shirts.  In addition to fabric shopping, we went to the zoo, the Science museum and Cow Town (historical venue).

For the twins' shirts, I used Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers
and for my husband's shirt Kwik Sew 1882
In, fact, I found my review for this pattern on Pattern Review

Grandson note, he spent two nights in the hospital the first of the week with RSV, yesterday afternoon he finally seemed to be getting better.  So not much sewing here, I spent my evenings at the hospital loving on the little guy.


  1. RSV is no fun. Glad he's doing better. He's beautiful. I mean handsome.

  2. That is a really sweet picture. I would have loved to have matching shirts with my dad! Heck... I still would love it haha :)

  3. What a special picture! I hope your grandson gets healthy quickly - poor sweetie pie.

  4. It's a gorgeous picture of your husband and girls. Glad to hear that your grandson is better.

  5. Great photo and memories!

  6. Oh such a wonderful memory!

    Hope your grandson is doing better.

  7. Love the great story, sending hugs to the grand baby!

  8. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Absolutely adorable photo! What a lovely family! Hope your grandson feels better soon!

  9. Those are great memories. Love the whole story!
    I'll keep your grandson and family in my prayers.

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