Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seafoam Linen Jacket

I know you all think all Lori can make is jackets, right?  Two of my three posts have been jackets for the Mood Sewing Network, well I am going to up the odds to three out of four.  I do have a thing for jackets, especially in the spring, when a light jacket is just what you need for the cool, crisp air.  This time I wanted a very versatile jacket, one you could wear with so many outfits.  I also wanted to use a good color for spring, something to freshen up my closet and existing garments, so I picked this seafoam linen - which is very similar to  the popular mint color.

The description from Mood's online store "This is a medium weight woven linen blend with a very soft yet textural hand."

With this description in mind, I selected  a jacket I had made before, Simplicity 2250

 which is also a favorite of fellow Mood Sewing Network blogger, Erica

Since I had made this jacket before, I had a few changes: make a size bigger (I never liked how close-fitting my first one was), lower the bust dart, add 1" to the length of the body and make the sleeves long instead of 3/4 length.  I wanted the ability to roll up the sleeves, so I sewed a partial flat-felled seam on the sleeve, to clean finish the seam.  

Let's go back to the lower the bust dart, this is an alteration I probably should have been doing forever. I am long from the shoulders to the bust apex.   I really noticed this in my navy peplum top, so read in my Palmer and Pletsch fitting book.  The pattern altering is a breeze and one I will continue to do.

So follow along with a picture-filled post, showing the jacket with many items from my closet.  I think it shows how much use I will get with this jacket.  

First with a Maxi-dress

Next up black and white knit tank dress

How about a gray knit maxi skirt and white v-neck tshirt? I think yes.

Two pictures of that one, so you can appreciate the 25-30 mph winds, does good things to the clothing and the hair!

Keeping with the white v-neck t-shirt, change to white jeans and floral wedges

another winner, I think.

Finally, skinny jeans and a striped t shirt

Which was to be my outfit for dinner out with hubby on Saturday night, but dinner out turned into visiting our 5-week old grandson for two hours.  I am sure my grandson thought Nana looked great!  We both thought it was a wonderful date night.

Here is a close-up of the jacket, so you can see some of the details.

My seafoam linen is the perfect weight and drape for a spring to summer jacket, I love the color and the possibilities for my wardrobe. Plus, Simplicity 2250 is a great pattern.  My favorite look is probably the maxi-skirt, followed by the white jeans, oh, wait maybe the striped t-shirt, but wait, I like the stripe dress, too.  Oh, forget it, just like a favorite candy bar, I can't pick just one.  What about you, do you have a favorite?

Final parting shot, this is the picture my camera took as the wind blew over the tripod

I did run up and catch it before it hit the ground, didn't know I could move so fast!


  1. Very versatile. Great colour.

  2. Wow! It looks fantastic with EVERYTHING! I am always going for patterns with lots of extra details, but I think this shows just how useful a minimalist piece can be. You've sewn it so beautifully that the simplicity looks elegant and restrained. I really like it.

  3. what a versatile jacket! It really works for so many different looks, but I certainly have to pipe in about "all Lori can do is sew jackets".
    My impression has been "Lori can sew anything"

  4. What a pretty pop of color for spring/summer. It looks nice with all your outfits, and really coordinates with the stripe dress. Very nice.

  5. Beautiful jacket and so versatile.

  6. I think Robin is right. Lori can sew anything! Great choice
    for your wardrobe. Looks pretty on you too.

  7. Great color, looks good with everything.

  8. Wow! It looks good with each and every thing you wore it with! Bravo!

  9. Your jacket is awesome with all those outfits. The color is so pretty. I know you will enjoy wearing it.

  10. Beautiful color! great to see how it fits in your wardrobe!

  11. All of those combos look great, but I like it best with the black and white stripe knit dress. Great job! That color is just beautiful and perfect for spring. I wish you had shown a close up of the inner sleeve finish you described so that you could roll them up!

  12. You picked the right colour, fabric and jacket pattern. It's such a versatile piece.
    Think of the dash to catch the tripod as toddler chasing practice.

  13. It's a wonderful jacket and I'm sure you'll get tons of wear out of it. I'd love to see it paired with a floral dress. I don't have a favorite of the outfits you put together - I think they are all fabulous! g

  14. This color is divine on you! Beautiful...

  15. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Perfect lightweight jacket in a popular color. I love posts like this that show all the ways a garment will be worn. I can't really pick a favorite, but it does look extra fantastic with the white jeans.

  16. Anonymous8:48 AM

    This is gorgeous! I love the color so much, and I love the casual shape of this jacket. It's so fun to see all the different outfits you've come up with-- thanks for sharing the photos!

  17. Love the color, love the lines of the jacket, and love how it goes with EVERYTHING!

  18. Fantastic job, what a great look. I would have never guessed that mint green would be such a versatile colour.


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  20. Love it, Lori. Every look is SO amazing, but I especially like the jacket+maxi combo. You look awesome

  21. LOVE that green jacket and how versatile it is! My favorite is the white jeans combo.

  22. Love the colour it is so versatile! Now I remember why I wanted to keep this pattern - for the jacket! But instead I sold it because I had forgotten this point! Susan