Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Look 6871- For Erin

I have been working away on my pile of fabric for Erin’s maternity wardrobe.  So let me introduce you the “baby bump” on my dressform!
baby bump
First up is

Pattern Description: Loose-fitting top with yoke and banded hemline option.  Also, three sleeve options- sleeveless, flutter and 3/4 sleeves.
I made View A for one top and View E for another one.
Sizing 10 to 22
Instructions:  They were pretty straight-forward and easy to follow.  I felt the instructions had nice illustrations to accompany the steps.
Likes/Dislikes:  Erin chose this pattern for part of her maternity wardrobe.  It has the shape for a nice maternity top without tons of fullness.  It might not take her through the entire pregnancy but will be something quite attractive without the fullness of a maternity pattern.
I liked the style, yoke and sleeves.  As shown on the pattern cover, the yoke and band lend itself to some color blocking and/or fabric coordinating.  I also liked the fact the top had some gathering but not too much, sometimes I think patterns can add too much fullness with the gathers.
Fabric:  A “silky” from Joann’s for both of the tops.
Changes:  I added 2” to the length for the pregnancy belly.  Also, on View E, I just serged the armhole and turned under instead of using bias tape. 
Conclusion: Nice pattern for anyone, the gathers are attractive without being too full,  You can add some more shaping to the side seams to eliminate some of the fullness.  Great sleeve options, too.
Here is the first top:
New Look 6871 view A - Girls in the Garden Blog
It is pretty full and she won’t be able to wear it for 2-3 months but will be in her closet when she needs it.
Now the next top is from her favorite fabric from our Shopping day and it was suppose to be Burda 7681

Well, the twisted bodice front was just too low and not appropriate for school.  So I redid the bodice to be straight across and she tried it on.  Well, Chris (her hubby) and I did not say anything and let her look in the mirror.  She came back saying I look like, well, I don't know what but this dress looks horrible!  Smile

Time to rethink this pattern, I take that back, I took it to the trash can!
Now to salvage her favorite fabric.   I was able to cut from the skirt of the Burda dress the top (along with a bit of leftover for the sleeves)  and used a black skirt (which Erin didn’t like)  for the yoke.
Success this time:
New Look 6871 top - Girls in the Garden blog
I did taper the side seams a bit to take in the fullness.  Now it looks more appropriate for her to wear now.
sleeve New Look 6871
New Look 6871 back
New Look 6871 yoke - girls in the garden

I am so happy I was able to save her favorite fabric and it is now something she will wear!


  1. Lori - I like how you've added the bump to the dressform! The first top is just gorgeous and can be made again when your daughter gets more pronounced by cutting the front a little bigger and adding more gathers...but just the front, not the back to avoid that wearing a sack look. You must be thrilled to have started the maternity wardrobe because that the means the baby is closer to arriving!

  2. Great tops, you all must be so incredibly excited!

  3. Very cute tops for your daughter!

  4. Love the baby bump on the dress form. Beautiful job grandma.

  5. How exciting. These are lovely pieces and the baby bump is so colourful too.

  6. Very nice tops! Cute baby bump...how very creative!

  7. The price of maternity wear is outrageous, considering the short length of time one wears it. So great you can sew some quality garments for her. Good save on that fabric.

  8. Those are super cute! Gosh, I wish when I lifted up my dress there was an actual pillow strapped to my tummy. :/

  9. Hi, I'm making view B of this pattern and have lost pg. 3 of the instructions. Any chance you could run through the steps for attaching that flutter sleeve? Do you sew it in flat? Thanks!

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