Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have been doing some sewing for hire since I quit my job in April.  Mostly, quilts for people and I have been enjoying this very much.  Here is a  couple ofquilts that I have just completed.

First, a bit of background on them.  They have appliqued elephants, something that has been done in this family for a couple generations.  The elephants are from the mom's maternity clothes and this mom had twins, a boy/girl set.  She used her maternity jeans and wanted 32 elephants on each quilt, representing her age when the twins were born. 

We emailed back and forth about design concepts, size of quilt and then while I was sewing these quilts, we emailed about thread color and decorative stitches (including pictures).

You will see initials in the lower right quilt block, the child's initials.  I finished these this morning and now they will be heading to the longarm quilter. 

This was such a fun project, one that will be a cherished family heirloom.

a little overexposed


  1. Very cute quilts! What an honor to be part of making 2 family heirlooms. Congrats!

  2. what a beautiful tradition to have and the elephants are adorable.

    I think you did a great job there :-)

  3. Are they hand appliqued? Looks like a ton of work. They are both adorable.

  4. I see that BConky and I are thinking along the same lines on the time likely spent on the appliques. Well Lori, it was time well spent. I always like to see appliques and enjoy the historical thoughts of sewers since print fabric first became available, eyeing those printed designs in the material, whether new or in a worn garment, and then thinking..... "Now what could I do with that?"