Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last of the Wedding Sewing

11 DAYS and COUNTING until the wedding and I finished the sewing last week.  Gifts for two of the bridesmaids, Alice Book Bags, which I have made here.  Erin;s bridesmaids are oldest sister, Paige as her Matron of Honor, Kaitlyn, Meredith (the twin sisters) and then 2 friends.  The twins have these book bags, Paige wouldn't want one, so Erin has other gifts for them.  She knew her friends would love these bags, "so, Mom, do you have time to make two of these?"  Of course!

I stacked them to get one picture:

I hadn't shown the back, a nice pocket on this side

Update on my son-in-law, Jesse, he went home last night!!!!! Prayers answered, thanks for all the comments, emails, thoughts and prayers.


  1. The bags are super cute! I am sure they will be really appreciated.
    I am glad to hear that your son in law is able to come home. Fingers crossed that he continues to improve quickly.

  2. These are so cute! I would love to have one! I'm sure the bridesmaids with love them too!

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    what great little gifts! So adorable and thoughtful!

  4. Those bags are really lovely! so colourful and fun. You must all be getting so excited; 11 days! I scrolled down to read about your son-in-law's hospitalisation; I'm glad he is back home; very good news at this chaotic time in your lives!

  5. The bags are great and it's especially good that your SIL has been able to go home? Will he be able to attend the wedding?

  6. You always choose such lovely prints to make your bags! Love to hear the good news about Jesse!

  7. Really glad to hear Jess is home.

    Did i miss what the Mama of the Bride is going to wear:-)