Thursday, February 09, 2012


Something I didn't want to post (it has been in our lives for awhile) but I believe in the power of prayer and good thoughts from others......

 I want to talk about my oldest daughter, Paige and her husband, Jesse.  In May 2011, Jesse was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and started chemotherapy.  His chemo was twice a month for 6 months.  During the chemo, he had a scan and it appeared the lymphoma was in remission.  Jesse had another scan a month after chemo was completed  and one spot showed up.  Two weeks ago, he had a biopsy and it confirmed  Hodgkins. Jesse started chemo again this past Friday, in the the hospital.  He will do this two more times and at a later date more medical treatments (details at a later date).

I want to say how amazing these two are, they are brave and strong and confident and courageous.  Looking this disease straight in the face and telling it where to go!  Their strength fills me with pride and amazement.  They are warriors.   
Dancing at their wedding June 2009
So I pray, make trips to support them, send cards, call, text and do whatever I can to help, doesn't seem like enough.  Then I sew and sew to keep occupied, so I don't call or text too much.  Our family is blessed to have such a fine young man to call son. 

I will post updates occasionally as I know them. 

I am turning off the comments, I didn't want to put this out there for comments, just for prayers and good thoughts