Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wardrobe Ideas and White Shirt

Could there be more posts and television segments about Wardrobe planning and ideas?  Or is it I am just noticing them more? Whatever reason, here are a some from the last week  to share with you .

The first one is from the Nate Berkus Show titled Recycle Your Wardrobe, making the most of your wardrobe using a black blazer for several different outfits.  Head over to the watch the episode, while your watching think of it as one of pieces in the SAL.  Say the fur vest, tie sweater or even the puffy vest.  Or get ideas to change one of the list items to a blazer if that fits into your lifestyle more.

The next one I hestitate to post, it will start our minds focusing on spring sewing and we all might abandon the SAL!  (just kidding but boy, some pretty colors and fabrics for you).  This is Cabi Canary and the blog post is titled A Month of Style With Just 15 Fabulous Fashions

A bit of substituting our pieces and we can see how to make what we are sewing into outfits.  Let's see, the tie cardigan for the tie jacket.  Black ponte pants for the yellow pants, turtleneck for gray scooped neck shirt.  You get the idea. 

Now for the weekly featured garment - The White Blouse - a classic.  Head over to Lynne's blog, Wonderfully Made for her RTW inspiration, the pattern ideas and fabric ideas. 


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  1. I'm lagging a little bit here...and now it is school break, so I'll be even further behind! I'm looking forward to the white shirt. I have a RTW one, but it doesn't fit very well.
    Your daughter and son in law sound exceptional. They are in my thoughts.