Friday, February 10, 2012

Simplicity 1919 - Ponte Skirt

I had just enough ponte left from Ponte pants and the serger had black thread, I thought Iwould make the skirt from this pattern.  Afterall, the pants were a great fit, so the skirt should be, too.  It was a great fit and an easy sew.  Especially when you eliminate the zipper and use the no show elastic waistband

Somethings to point out, check the length on this pattern, with the flounce on the back, it would be hard to shorten. I think you would have to shorten from the waist and then you would change the length of the darts.

Here is the back of the skirt


On a side note, we are going to see Paige and Jesse tomorrow, I am taking them these cute brownie bites.

picture from a pumpkin and a princess


  1. Great looking skirt. That's great that you were able to make a skirt out of the leftover ponte fabric.

    Yummmmm on the heart brownies.

  2. I love that skirt and anything without the fuss of a zipper is great. Thanks for the elastic tutorial it is very helpful.

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  4. Very cute skirt...and brownies look delicious and cute

  5. Love the little flounce on the back of the skirt!

  6. Great work on the skirt- great back flounce.

  7. Cute skirt AND brownies. :-) That's the 2nd Simplicity pattern I've seen lately with a skirt that has cute back details, that you CAN'T EVEN TELL from the envelope. Wonder why they do that? I'm going to have to put this one on my list now.

    Length adjustments could be done in the middle - still have to true up the seams but maybe better than redrawing darts?

    I saw your post the other day and just knew from the title before reading what you were going to say. I've thought about him often and will continue to keep Jesse in my prayers.

  8. What a cute kicky little skirt. I love the flouncy look in the back. Blessings to your family.

  9. I will be buying this pattern. I love the detail of the flounce in the back. Thank you for the tutorial for the waist band. This would be a good basic piece for the outfits I wear to work.

    My prayers are with your family.