Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Bag

I have made this type of bag from charm packs - here and here and here

The fabric is Botany and this bag is a sample for my friend's quilt shop.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smelling the Roses

Not much sewing around here, the weather has been gorgeous for late May.  I have been working in my flowers, swimming in the pool (water is already 80 degrees) and hanging out with Meredith, Kaitlyn and Erin. 

I have included a few pictures of the flowers blooming so far, mid-afternoon shots on the west side of the house, a couple of pictures are over-exposed.

  We have plans each day, visiting family, celebrating my Mom's birthday and having a Memorial Day bbq.  I got up early to sew some this morning, working on a purse.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Simplicity Pattern Sale

This email just came into my inbox.  Simplicity is having a sale and using blog authors and Facebook Fans to spread the word.  They want to see how far the creativity can spread and I know we as a group that enjoy sewing can spread the word and buy some patterns!

Here are the quick details of the event:

40% off all Simplicity Patterns (that's 40 off everyday 40% off prices!)

Excludes It's So Easy and New Look

Offer expires Friday, May 28th, midnight EST

enter promo code: BLOGPS40 at checkout of

I went to Simplicity's site and added 2 patterns to my cart and entered the promo code and it worked.  I am heading back to see if I need anymore patterns!

Happy shopping all. I have added Simplicity 2364 and 2594 to my cart.  What about you?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not sewing but doing lots of stuff

I haven't posted in awhile so here is what I have been doing:

  1. Planting two hydrangea bushes, these are the Endless Summer ones and I purchased the smaller pots at Home Depot.  Hydrangeas all summer long would be amazing.  Think of those big blooms in vases in my house, fingers crossed.

   2.  Planted two new hostas which lead to separating some of my other hostas and weeding the said hosta bed.  This picture is not my garden but the colors are gorgeous, aren't they.

3.  Cleaning the pool and the house, tons of fun.  Also, sealing the deck.  More fun.

4.  Track is over, school is out tomorrow, need to go buy more groceries for the girls to go through in one day! Not exactly one day, maybe two.

5.  I was going to sew up my last piece of fabric, a denim, which was going to be a jacket like Lynne's, which is gorgeous but decided the denim was a bit too heavy and I would save it for jeans.

6.  Fabric buying (3 pieces).  First piece of fabric from Fashionista Fabric.  I am thinking about a skirt, any suggestions?

7.  Next piece of fabric, possibly a blouse.  Also, from Fashionista Fabrics.

8.  One more piece, stretch cotton poplin from Fashionista Fabrics and what is not to like about navy dots.  Suggestions?

9.  This bundle of Paula Prass quilting cottons, planning a quilt for dd #2's bedroom apartment.  She has black furniture and really likes aqua and red.  I have always liked this fabric line.

10.  Working on a quilt from this fabric group.  Just for me, probably for the guest bedroom, change it up from this during the summer. 

11.  Scrapbooking, I am to January and feeling pretty good about that.  My big project is all of the pictures pertaining to Paige's wedding and all the events leading up to the big day.  I made one scrapbook for Paige for her birthday and now it is my turn. 

Gotta, go Kaitlyn made chocolate chip cookies and Meredith made brownies for the last day of school. I better taste test and make sure they are okay.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Wore My New Top

Out the door, we are late but quick take a picture during the thunderstorm.  So lighting is bad, photographer impatient, nevertheless a couple of good ones.

This one I will show my head/face!

A close-up.  I think the next time I will go down a size.  I made a 12 per the finished garment measurements, which seemed small compared to other Simplicity knit garments.  I will make a 10 next time, especially for a knit, the pattern fabric recommendations.  I still really like my top, hubby told me how nice I looked thsi morning.  A plus, for sure.

Yesterday I took some pictures of flowers in my garden.  I have clematis on each side of an arbor, along with roses.  It is so pretty, the clematis bloom first in the spring and the roses follow.

These are rose bushes in the garden, just getting ready to explode with color.  I can't wait.

Now off to walk on the treadmill before everyone gets home and wants dinner.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simplicity 2369

Pattern Description - Misses' Knit dress in two lengths or tunic and pants.

Sizes: 8 to 24

Instructions: The instructions are easy to follow, be careful on cutting out the left and right side fronts. The illustrations in the pattern directions show the fronts differently a couple of times. 
Facing is cut for the front, I took several inches out of the facing.  This so the wrap would pull to my body and not gap.  Several options with the sleeves, as per Sharon M's review I decided not to go with the longer full sleeves.  I wanted that length, work is chilly most of the time, so I added the sleeve band.  I cut the sleeve band with the stretch, I wanted that stretch for movement.  The grainline shows parellel to the selvedge, so no stretch. 

Changes:  Most were mentioned above in the instructions.  You could change the length of the ties so you only have a knot instead of a bow.

Likes and Dislikes:  I always like a new wrap top, this one is great that it is more of a faux wrap:

Sewn together at the side seams.

I would like to make the dress, if I can find the right fabric.

Fabric:  A rayon knit from Denver Fabrics.  I had ordered several knits but only kept this one, the others were very thin and not so good.

Conclusion:  A great pattern for summer.

This is piece number #3 left from stash.  Only one more to go. 

I was suppose to meet Gwen at Joann's yesterday but was not able to do that.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Not For Me .... Custom Bag Order

A Mother's Day present custom bag order, I finished it last night.  Their only requirement was "Grandmother" embroidered on the bag.  I had the green/cream polka dot quilting cotton and went into my friend's quilt shop to find a couple more prints to go with it.  I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I really like the fabric combinations.

Charm pack purse varaition

Monday, May 03, 2010

Description: Misses’ shirt in two lengths with front, collar and sleeve variations
Sizing: 6 to 24

Instructions: They were very good, easy to follow and understand. Nice diagrams for attaching the sleeve tab and front insert area

Likes/Dislikes: I like the lines of the shirt, princess or use the front insert piece to use plaids on the bias. Also, sleeve variations and the length. You could lengthen it even more and have a shirt dress.

It is a bit short for the shorter length, I added my 1” and it will be fine. So measure that with one of your favorite blouses to get the right length for comfort.

Changes: Just added the 1” to the body and sleeves. I forgot to add 1” to the sleeve tab and it has to button below the tab stitching line on the sleeve.

I also cut two pieces for the back yoke and used one for the lining.

Fabric: A shirting from Joann’s with a bit of tone-on-tone texture.  It wrinkles easily, as you can see in the pictures, so I am a bit apprehensive how it will wear.

Conclusion: A very cute shirt and I have seen the tab button sleeves in several RTW garments lately. It is a bit loose fitting but not oversized, perfect for a warm summer day.

No funny wrinkles, just a strong wind, making the blouse fold funny on the right side.
Piece #3 out of the stash, two to go.