Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not sewing but doing lots of stuff

I haven't posted in awhile so here is what I have been doing:

  1. Planting two hydrangea bushes, these are the Endless Summer ones and I purchased the smaller pots at Home Depot.  Hydrangeas all summer long would be amazing.  Think of those big blooms in vases in my house, fingers crossed.

   2.  Planted two new hostas which lead to separating some of my other hostas and weeding the said hosta bed.  This picture is not my garden but the colors are gorgeous, aren't they.

3.  Cleaning the pool and the house, tons of fun.  Also, sealing the deck.  More fun.

4.  Track is over, school is out tomorrow, need to go buy more groceries for the girls to go through in one day! Not exactly one day, maybe two.

5.  I was going to sew up my last piece of fabric, a denim, which was going to be a jacket like Lynne's, which is gorgeous but decided the denim was a bit too heavy and I would save it for jeans.

6.  Fabric buying (3 pieces).  First piece of fabric from Fashionista Fabric.  I am thinking about a skirt, any suggestions?

7.  Next piece of fabric, possibly a blouse.  Also, from Fashionista Fabrics.

8.  One more piece, stretch cotton poplin from Fashionista Fabrics and what is not to like about navy dots.  Suggestions?

9.  This bundle of Paula Prass quilting cottons, planning a quilt for dd #2's bedroom apartment.  She has black furniture and really likes aqua and red.  I have always liked this fabric line.

10.  Working on a quilt from this fabric group.  Just for me, probably for the guest bedroom, change it up from this during the summer. 

11.  Scrapbooking, I am to January and feeling pretty good about that.  My big project is all of the pictures pertaining to Paige's wedding and all the events leading up to the big day.  I made one scrapbook for Paige for her birthday and now it is my turn. 

Gotta, go Kaitlyn made chocolate chip cookies and Meredith made brownies for the last day of school. I better taste test and make sure they are okay.


  1. haha, I always need to "taste test" too. :P

    You've been busy! Summer is almost here for me too and just in time. I'm pooped!

  2. I wish I had your energy! I've been working in my flower beds too, love this time of year :-)
    Navy dotted fabric?? A sheath dress would be fantastic!

  3. Beautiful flowers and fabrics too. It all looks like fun.

  4. Wow - you have been busy! I bet your yard/garden looks beautiful! All the fabric looks great - that quilt is going to be gorgeous! :)

  5. You seriously got down to one piece of fabric in your stash? Amazing. Do you count things like "practice" fabric and muslin, too?

    Thanks for the update, I <3 this blog!

  6. Love all your fabrics, Lori. I made a simple sheath out of the top fabric and it turned out nicely. I plan to wear it to summer cocktail parties, etc. Whatever you do, it will be stunning!

  7. My goodness, don't we wish we had 36 hour days during the summer? I am so in love with hydrangeas right now...just saw a whole slew of wonderful varieties at Home Depot myself!