Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Wore My New Top

Out the door, we are late but quick take a picture during the thunderstorm.  So lighting is bad, photographer impatient, nevertheless a couple of good ones.

This one I will show my head/face!

A close-up.  I think the next time I will go down a size.  I made a 12 per the finished garment measurements, which seemed small compared to other Simplicity knit garments.  I will make a 10 next time, especially for a knit, the pattern fabric recommendations.  I still really like my top, hubby told me how nice I looked thsi morning.  A plus, for sure.

Yesterday I took some pictures of flowers in my garden.  I have clematis on each side of an arbor, along with roses.  It is so pretty, the clematis bloom first in the spring and the roses follow.

These are rose bushes in the garden, just getting ready to explode with color.  I can't wait.

Now off to walk on the treadmill before everyone gets home and wants dinner.


  1. Lovely top!

    Clematis and roses are such beautiful flowers, they make such a gorgeous display :))

  2. Love the flower shots. Beautiful. And your top is lovely on too.

  3. You look gorgeous in your new top!!! Flowers are beautiful!! do you have a good weater there?

  4. That's a pretty top. Looks good on you!

  5. Another pattern to add to my lust list. LOL. I love this top on you!

  6. Your top does look very nice on you, Lori. And your flowers are beautiful!

  7. You look very lovely in your new top. I like the color choice -- very tasteful.

    What do you do with fabric you buy that you don't like? Sell it? What about fabric scraps? Has that been a topic on the show before?


  8. very flattering top.

  9. I love that Cynthia Rowley pattern... it looks really cute on you! On my list!