Friday, January 08, 2010

Ottobre Jeans Again and My Snow Day

It was a snow day here, no school and I couldn't get to work.  So, the twins and I have had a great day.  Kaitlyn baked goodies, Meredith made cards and I scrapbooked many, many pages.  I have wedding photos to do but I need stuff for that!  Then TV time, a quick nap and then I started working on my Ottobre Jeans, a TNT pattern:
I have made these three times before

Ottobre Jeans
Ottobre Jeans #2
and I didnt' get pictures for the third pair, from a dark brown denim.

I cut these out last night and started sewing tonight.

Here is the coin pocket with rivets, first time I have used those:

Then my back pocket, excuse my chalk marks.  I drew lines 2" and 3" down from the pocket top, then traced some curved lines.

I think that is all the sewing for tonight, the girls just put in a movie and I need to go watch, no I want to go watch!


  1. Perfect details. I looked back to the previous pants you made from this pattern. Wonderful fit. One of the things I want to do this year is making jeans, thanks for reminding me of this pattern. I have the Jalie pattern too, and will compare the two with a muslin (some time).

  2. Doncha' just love a snow day? It sounds like yours was terrific. Have fun making your jeans! And scrapbooking. And eating cookies while watching movies!

  3. These are looking great! I looked back at your other pairs and I really like them. I just finished a pair using the J Sterns pattern (not posted yet). Unfortunately, they aren't a TNT...yet. :)

  4. I think I like the sound of "snowdays" ;-) as we swelter in 40'C days.
    Seriously, it does sound like you had a wonderful day with your girls. Enjoy!
    The jeans look great.They're my favourite type of sewing.

  5. Lori,
    I'm a long time sewer who hasn't really checked out sewing blogs until several months ago. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy yours, but I have now listened to and enjoyed your podcasts - I'll be sad when I'm through all of them. You have taught me so much.

    You and others have inspired me to take a leap and start a sewing blog.

    Thank you

  6. Those jeans are going to be awesome!!! You are putting in such great details. Sometimes our wants and needs mesh!

  7. I don't know if I dare try making jeans. But if they look as good as your attempts, I may have think about it!