Sunday, January 17, 2021

Loungewear Toddler Style

Loungewear is an important part of our life now and I have a now three year-old granddaughter who could live in her pajamas!

My plan was a day look and a night look and a possible going out look

I went with the leftover fabric from a recent Minerva Make (my top coming soon) and used Violette Threads Sienna Dress but for winter just raised the back and didn't do the more open back.  I did the length for the dress minus the flounce.

Then I added a dress for her baby doll

I had this great waffle knit from Mily Mae Fabrics (this fabric is amazing and so soft) and some navy rib knit in stash so I went to my go-to pajama pattern Power Nap Pajamas - size newborn to 10 years old.  The pants of these fit snug enough to look a bit like leggings, then would work with the top too

Next up a day look for pajamas and I turned the Brindille & Twig Flutter Dress into a top. Just shortened it and adding ribbing to the bottom

Now for nighttime pajamas the top from the Power Nap Pajama pattern

Finally just enough waffle knit to make Lowland Kid's slouch beanie

She wore the day pajama look and beanie home and looked so cute.




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