Thursday, January 28, 2021

40K Sway Top - #sewtogether21

New styles, new photo looks and new hashtag, this shirt has all of those elements.

Sew My Style isn't coming back for this year and thanks to Lindsey at Inside the Hem we have a sew along for 2021 #sewtogether21 and you can watch Lindsey's you tube channel to learn all about it.

Lindsey is going to keep the patterns under $10 and she did that with this top, it is free!  Say Hello to The 40K Sway Top and the unique neckline style.

I used a fabric from LA Finch and it was perfect for this top, a Tie Dye Spandex Knit and for my ribbing, I cut apart a garment I made last year and never wore.  

I made a size 12 and the fit is good.  I found this to be long and I cut off a couple of inches  The sewing is straight forward except for the small section of the neckline, referred to as shoulder.  

Now for a bit oops on my part, I got this pattern turned all the wrong way and sewed this piece incorrectly.  I had enough fabric to cut a new front and shoulder piece.   Crisis averted!  

Now for my rib knit, I had to piece it, so I used buttons to hide the seam, that is why my buttons went on up the neckline.  I used the burgundy buttons I had in stash, mixing a couple styles.

The entire neckline style, I was totally uncertain if I would like it.  Well, uncertainty is gone and I love this top.  Just so unique, adds some pizazz to a basic tee.

Thank you Lindsey for hosting this monthly sewalong, it will be fun to try new and different patterns.  

Now to the subject of photos, I have been watching lots of Reels and trying to improve some of my photos.  So you will be seeing some different angles, poses, etc.  

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