Thursday, November 05, 2020

Yates Coat in Southwest Inspired Wool Coating

Do you have a make that just makes you smile?  One that makes you so proud?  One that might be the best you have done?  Well, this Yates coat just might be all three for me.  I am so very happy with out it turned out, so be forewarned picture overload on this post

This project started almost 1-1/2 to 2 years ago when Michelle of Style Maker Fabrics sent out an email with this amazing combination of fabric and pattern.  This Southwest inspired Wool Coating  or  another colorway and the Grainline Studio Yates Coat.  I purchased it right away and if I remember correctly it was toward the end of the winter season and I just didn't get to it.  Time goes on and the fabric lingered in my fabric closet.  
photo from Style Maker Fabrics sit

About Mid-October I decided it was time to get to this project, I had about worked my way through all my fabric and I was waiting on a big order to come.  Yes, it was time, I had given myself a pep talk as I knew it was going to be a challenge with the matching and I probably should of ordered more fabric for matching.  

To the floor I went to spread all this fabric out in a single layer.

The fabric is reversible but there is a difference, I had to be very careful with the correct side I was using.  After I cut one pattern piece, I pinned a scrap piece of paper with Right on it, then no mistaking sides.  This photo shows the exact piece different sides, just wanted to show the differences. 

I really had to work hard on getting all my pieces cut out and I love this Grainline Tutorial for matching plaids (in this case the Southwest print).  It worked and I was able to squeeze out ever piece except one facing piece.  This one front facing I had to piece, I did it at the lower part so it is on the inside of the jacket and you can't see it.

Here is my favorite photo, the matching along the front to sleeve to back makes me grin from ear to ear.  I made sure the center of the sleeve was the center of the pattern and look how it turned out!.

I did lengthen the sleeves my traditional inch, the rest of the coat is a straight size 10.  The front of the coat is in two sections, the pockets are built into the seam.  I matched them with one side a bit better than the other.

The Yates has the same type of seam in the back, I eliminated it.  My thought was the beautiful print didn't need to be broken up and I wouldn't have to match!  I also made sure the center of the design was the center back.

I wouldn't stand like this in real life but wanted to show the matching across the back

I did use a coat lining from Vogue Fabrics to add some warmth.  Another detail is the  piping added between the front facing and the lining

The pattern calls for snaps, which I had three brown covered snaps and one black, so I just used that one black one.

The construction for this jacket is straight forward and doesn't take too long.  I was so impressed with Grainline's instructions and the bagged lining instructions were amazing.  Another plus, is the interfacing information, so thorough and extra pattern pieces for specific areas.  Super impressive.

I had the smallest of scraps of this gorgeous fabric, so I purchased the Clementine Jacket from Violette FieldThread and went to my closet for a pair of denim McCall's wide leg pants I don't wear.  Using this denim and the small scraps, I created this cute coat for one of my granddaughters.

I had to use the pant side seams for the center of the sleeves, so I added a decorative stitch

The back was a bit of a patchwork but turned out so cute

This pattern has princess seams, so a bit of the print on the front sides

This pattern is just so cute and goes together perfectly.  It is lined and I had enough of the coat lining for the sleeves and back.  I didn't have enough for the front but that is okay, it shows when not snapped.  For a bit more cuteness, I added a gingham flannel.  

Here is a back view on granddaughter and she loves it.  Her mommy told me she wore it around the house the next day!  

As I was making this coat and sharing it on Instagram Stories, my youngest daughter (mother of this granddaughter) sent me texts and messages about how she loved this coat and how impressed she was with it.  Well, I gave her this coat, it is so her style.  She has a western flare and this fits her perfectly and fits her style perfectly.  The recipients....

Here how well it all goes together

Some final thoughts.  I loved making this coat, it challenged me in so many ways.  The construction made me so happy and the entire process did also. 

Being silly - saw an influencer on Reels on poses - suppose to make a triangle.  So here you go!  

Me jumping for joy with happiness on how this coat turned out!


  1. I love this!!! great work, delightful fabric. Enjoy!!

  2. What a marvelous and happy post! Loved bothjackets, well done.

  3. That pattern and fabric could not have been any better suited for each other. You did a fabulous job. And the little jacket was just the icing on the cake.

  4. I love these. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Gorgeous! You look amazing in your beautiful coat!!!

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