Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Two Knit Garments - Galaxy Top and a Jenna Cardi

This fabulous deep purple floral knit (from Alyssa May Design) needed a great pattern and I found the perfect pattern and it is free!  I was drawn to the puff sleeves and they did not disappoint.

So for the coming winter, I have set up an indoor photo area.  Tuesday I tried it out as we were having snow and rain.  I need to improve my lighting but this will work.  

Now back to the pattern, it is from Pattern Scissors Cloth and called Galaxy T-shirt and it went together beautifully.  I did do some double checking on the size and I was happy with one I went with.  I did bring it in a bit of at the side seams.

If you want the t-shirt style but with a bit of drama, get this pattern, you will love it.

Here are the sleeves

A fabric confession, when I have extra fabric after finishing a project, I have a hard time moving on.  This knit was just too good not to make another garment.  I decided to revisit the Jenna Cardi by Muse Patterns.  I made it once before, way back in 2015.  I liked how it looked but it has been gone from my wardrobe for awhile.

I made View A this time with some changes.  

I went with the hip length version which has the bottom band.  I finished it and hated the length, so time for a change.  I am noticing that I am now really evaluating my makes and do I love them or do I not love them.  If it is in the not love, I am trying to see what I don't like.  On this one it was just too long so I cut of the bottom band and hemmed it.

So now on bands, just hemmed.  I liked it better but the Jenna Cardi has very small sleeve bands.  I feel like trends are larger cuffs.  I added very long cuffs and shortened the sleeves for this change, I am so happy I took the time to make this work for me.

Here is the back view

I am thrilled with my two new garments, both easy garments to make.  Unless you spend an entire Sunday working on your cardigan to get it just like you want it!  

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