Monday, July 27, 2020

Before and After - Skirt to Misty Cami

New rule for me..... If I make something and after a year it hasn't been worn, then transform or donate. This skirt had been worn once since created in  March 2019 so time for a change

The skirt was made from McCall's 7906 (original post here) and is super cute and if my lifestyle was different it would have been worn so much.  During this unusual time, I have been reevaluating my clothes, my style and what I wear.  The skirt was a bit big when I made it and is now even bigger  and with all the pleats altering is more challenging.  Yes, I am listing several strikes against it but one plus is the fabric, which is fabulous and I didn't want to donate it.  I took it apart and made something new.  At first I thought Landers but I didn't have enough fabric.   I decided a Misty Top, which I made in June and love the style

I wanted to preserve the front buttons and used that as center front and changed the neckline.  I raised it with a curved.  The lining is muslin but the rest came from the skirt.  I did slim the Misty a bit, one for fabric limits and one for preference.  

The sewing is simple and the results are fun top which I will wear and enjoy wearing.

Do you have a garment you have remade?  


  1. Great re-fashion! Love it as a top!

  2. I love this Misty :) The skirt was really cute, too! I hear you on evaluating what you wear now - things are just different, and will probably be going forward. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Turned out really cute!