Friday, June 19, 2020

Butterick 6709 - Gauze Sweater Knit

 Pattern or Fabric, which comes first for you?  Usually, I collect patterns and then when I purchase fabric, I can look through my patterns and find just the right one.

Butterick 6709 has been in my pattern drawer for awhile, just waiting for the right fabric.  After the Style Maker Fabrics' Spring Blog Tour, I ordered Soft Gauze Textured Sweater Knit in Terracotta.  It does come in five other colors.  This fabric is so nice, soft and lightweight for summer but not see-through at all.

I made View A, mainly for the elastic sleeves, I liked that fitted look for the sleeves.  I made a size Medium but I will taper to a small at the hips, this one flares out just a bit too much.

The sleeves were easy to make, they just look intricate but it is just folding for a faux placket.  I made this at the end of our stay-at-home order, yes took me a while for photos!  In my button stash, I had just enough white buttons, a few natural ones but not enough.  So I went to Instagram Stories for a poll, the natural won.  Sorry sewing friends I went with the white, I liked them better and had enough.  Buttons are easy to switch out, so if I get tired of the white or in fall I can switch to natural.

This will not be the only top I make from this pattern, I love the look and really enjoyed making it.  Maybe I should buy another color of the sweater knit.


  1. I'm a fan of this top. Guess I need to get this pattern and fabric. Stylemaker is one of my favorite fabric sources. Karen

  2. What interesting sleeves! Love it



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  4. I've never heard of this particular substrate but it made for a perfectly lovely summer sweater! Now I'd like to try it someday. :)

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