Monday, April 27, 2020

Linden Sweatshirt Variation

With the jeans rising higher, I decided my shirts could get shorter.  This one came by accident but it is a happy accident

The Linden Sweatshirt is from Grainline Studio and I really had never noticed it had the short sleeve version.  Well, that was perfect for my plans for this Style Maker  Fabrics' Double Face Jersey (sorry sold out).  This double faced fabric is so fun for changing the look of the stripes, plus no stripe matching!

I love a good raglan and this one is so good, perfect to leave off the bottom band, shorten it a bit and then hem it.  My neckband is this Jacket Waistband Ribbing, just cut off for the smaller width. My neckline is a bit wider and perfect for the oversized look.  So the happy accident, my plans were to put on the bottom band but I really didn't like that.  So I took off the band, played with the length and went with the cropped look.

Isn't navy and white just so perfect for summer?  This might be a simple shirt but it will be a well-loved shirt.  Sometimes simple is just fun and classic.

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