Sunday, April 19, 2020

Eyelet Archer Shirt

This idea has been on my to-do list for one year and I finally go to it this April.  Time was on my side during this quarantine.

Here are some photos that really show off the fabric.  So let's talk about the fabric, Mood Fabrics' Rag & Bone Cotton Eyelet, which is sold out. Here is a couple of other eyelets and I used a cotton shirting for the back yoke, front band, collar, collar stand and cuffs. My shirting is also sold out but it has been a year since my order - here are some other options 

The pattern is my favorite shirt pattern - Grainline Archer Shirt, I have lost count the number of times I have made it.  I just love the cuffs and the cut of the shirt.  For this one, I like the contrast of the feminine eyelet with the boyish look of this shirt.   Just a boxier shirt

I took photos one night with a pair of Landers but I didn't like it together.  So I went with jeans for the second attempt of photos.

I saw a blouse on Anthropologie last year, it was more feminine,

  I love it so much but I went with what I could find and made it work for my lifestyle.

This went together very nicely.  I used my serger to finish the edges of the eyelet after doing a few tests.  I thought about a french seam but this eyelet is thicker, I didn't like the thickness of the finish.

I did wear a nude cami under my eyelet blouse but truthfully with a nude bra, it isn't necessary.

That is all about this blouse, the construction is the same as all 50-ish (lol) I have made.

I used the extra fabric for a few other projects. One an Ogden cami for me, a new white one is almost required every summer

Then a couple of cute tops for my granddaughters

I love these two cute tops and I am proud of myself for using up all this fabric.  This is a goal this year and during quarantine to use what I have.


  1. that shirt is so pretty and a great use of the fabric. I have several eyelets in colors in my stash and I always am "saving" them for the perfect item :)

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  2. Lovely shirt and the tops for your granddaughters are adorable with the ruffle trim. Karen

  3. I love your shirt as well as the tops for your granddaughters.