Friday, April 10, 2020

Faces Jersey Knit for the Maritime Shirt

I made these fabulous mustard Landers but really didn't have many tops to go with them.  I fixed that at Sew Expo and purchased some fabrics for tops.

I purchased this Faces Jersey from Style Maker Fabrics a fun fabric and some mustard in the colorway.  This fabric was very popular at the Style Maker's booth and Karen wore one with the fabric in the booth.  This fabric was flying off the shelf.

I used Liesl & Co Maritime Knit Top, which I have made several times.   The only thing I changed is the neckline.  The pattern does call for a facing and I just don't like the facing for knits, I use a small knit neckband.

This top sews so quickly and now I have another top for my Landers


  1. Looks fantastic. I know Karen, and her love for mustard, will be drooling over that look. The big baby you have with you even goes well with the colors. Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Really cute outfit, Lori!

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