Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Swatch Service - The Confident Stitch

I love ordering fabric online but sometimes I miss touching fabric, what about you? 
 Well, The Confident Stitch has a great service to help us touch/feel and select the right fabric for our projects.

What am I talking about?  It is The Confident Stitch Swatch Service,  A curated, tactile, and informative fabric shopping experience delivered right to your door!

Every three months you will get a swatch card with eight fabrics.  The card is a beautiful trifold and has the swatches attached to the card.  Lift each swatch and you will find fabric content information, what type of needle to use, laundering information, width and price.  

Also a bonus feature a suggested pattern, this photo is a collection of all the patterns suggested in the first swatch service for the Warm Tones.  Another great feature is the fabrics all coordinate for the upcoming season.  

Now the swatch service comes in three swatch service options:

Garment Fabrics in Warm Tones  is curated to augment skin with peachy, yellow or golden undertones

Garment fabrics in Cool tones  will complement skin with hints of pink, red, or blue.

and Quilting Cottons, which work together in a collection and this first one is Tea with The Queen.  Under each quilting cotton swatch, is a fun fact and the price of the fabric. 

You can order any or all of these swatches and also order just one time or set up a quarterly swatch service.  And there is an added bonus, a discount code for any of the fabrics in the collection.

One more highlight of the service - Once your swatch card is in the mail, you will receive an email containing photos, direct links to the fabric and patterns on our website, and early access to an informative (and entertaining) topnotch swatch ‘unboxing’ video on YouTube.

Kate (The Confident Stitch) has done an amazing job creating this Swatch Service and it all arrives in such a beautiful format.  I have so enjoyed looking at these fabrics and planning garment combinations!  It is so fun reading the cards, touching the fabric 

Disclosure: I received The Confident Stitch Swatch Cards in exchange for a blog post but the opinions are all mine.  Also, this post has affiliate links.  Thank you

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  1. The whole team is incredibly earnest, design firm la hardworking, smart, and creative