Monday, December 09, 2019

Paro Cardigan by Itch to Stitch with Embroidery using Pfaff Creative Icon

Yes, in my favorite outfit, a cardigan and I am loving this one.

This is an Itch to Stich pattern called  Paro Cardigan and I am a guest blogger at Itch to Stitch Blog on a series called Make it Wear It.  Head over there to see how I styled it three different ways.

My fabric is from Surge Fabric Shop, a great sweater knit  and do note it is thick and warm and stretchy!  The Paro Cardigan calls for a medium weight knit with 10-25% stretch. If it has more than 25% stretch then size down, which I did as this knit has 50% stretch..  I went with Kennis suggestions and sized down.

I did have to stitch the pleats down even more than the pattern suggests, the fabric is just too fluffy!  I probably will stitch them down more from the waist to the bust to help the fabric lay flat and take up the fullness.  A the point where the stitching stops on the pleats, the fabric just opens right up.

You can read more about the construction on the Itch to Stitch Blog, on this post I am concentrating on the embroidery on the waistband.  I loved using the other side of this sweater knit for contrast but wanted it to have more, something unexpected.  You guessed it, I added some embroidery!

The Pfaff Creative Icon has 812 built in embroidery designs and this in one of them, just reduced a bit to fit in the width of my waistband.  

I didn't want to overdo the embroidery, so I tested it out and played with placement, I decided one on each front and three on the back.  I used a lightweight cutaway stabilizer and stitched them out.  It went quickly, not a high stitch content and one color.  I loved the result.

How do you like the embroidery on the Paro Cardigan?

I love this cardigan and it is a great one which has some extra design options, pleats, collars, peplum type bottom and waistband.  I plan on making it in a thinner type fabric for my next one.

Thanks Kennis for letting me a part of this Make It Wear It Series.


  1. This is SO cute, Lori!

  2. I really like your embroidery. It's just the perfect touch and your styling is, as always, right on point. You could definitely be a styling consultant. Karen

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  4. Wonderful job Lori..!

    Love your creativity and your artistic skills in the field of digitizing embroidery. Thanks a lot for inspiration every day.