Monday, August 05, 2019

Itch to Stitch Pattern Recap

I been thinking it might be fun to revisit some of my makes and style them differently, maybe with some ideas from Pinterest.

So here is the first one, a polka dot skirt, which I made for my youngest daughter.  She wasn't wearing it so after I saw this Pinterest inspiration, I asked for it back!  LOL

The skirt is Itch to Stitch and a freebie, Lindy Petal Skirt and the knit t-shirt is one I made but I cannot find it on my blog to link!  Sorry.

So happy I asked for this one back!

Here is another Lindy Petal Skirt I made for same daughter, she still has this one!

While I was looking back I wanted to talk about some Itch to Stitch patterns I have made

First the Mila Shirt and I blogged about it here, this is the best placket instructions I have used.

Now with the #sewcialmashup challenge, this is I believe my first ever mashup.

You can read all about my mash-up here    I used the Kathryn Top and the Idyllwild top  to create a new top for myself.

At times I need to look at Pinterest for new ideas for my garments.  I don't know about you but sometimes I can get stuck in a rut and wear them the exact same way.  A fresh new look for garments that have been in my closet for a bit.

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  1. If I had made that polka dot skirt for my daughter and she was not wearing much, I,too, would have taken it back! You mentioned that the Milla shirt as having the best placket instructions ever. Can you say how the placket differs from so many others? I am not looking for exact directions as they are the provence of ITS. I would be nice to know before I acquire the pattern only to find out I already have a similar pattern. Thanks! Fran

    1. It mainly just explain it the best with the best diagrams. It made it very easy for me to understand

  2. Yes, Pinterest is a good source for inspiration to try new combinations. Your "new" outfit looks very current,

  3. Thanks..maybe I will check it out!

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