Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Green Tencel Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

This summer I have been making multiples of patterns and this blog post is my second pair of Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

The Flint Pants are just so good and I love wearing them.  A mix of casual and easy/comfortable  mixed with elegance and looks perfect for many occasions.  This fabric needs a big shout out, it feels like silk but the ease of tencel..... Style Maker Fabrics' Green Tencel Twill.  Serious you need this fabric in your collection, you will love wearing it and sewing it.  Michelle has so many different colors, you will find one that works for you 

I made the Flints one other time, they are fabulous, too, but a bit big.  I went down to a 10 this time, taking 1/2 inch off the top at the waist.  I did to this the last time, it is just too long in the crotch. 

The tie is one of my favorite features, just a fun detail

The photo above shows just how the fabric moves, it is so good for the Flint pants.

Even Junior likes the fabric!

The back photo

I hand stitched the waistband down but I used my machine to stitch the hem in place.

Want to see the fullness of the pants

I am so very happy with these and if you are counting this is garment 6 of my Style Maker Fabrics Spring Purchase.  Two more to go!

This is not a sponsored post, I just love this fabric and wanted to share how great it is.


  1. Amazing pants Lori! The fabrics sounds really lovely and nice to sew too.

    1. Thank you so much, it is amazing fabric and I love the flints so much.

  2. Great pants! Did you make the top too? I like the cut and ease especially around the shoulder slope. Is there a pattern?

    1. The top is from Loft, a few years ago

  3. These are SO COOL! Beautiful pants!