Thursday, July 18, 2019

Stretch Coral Landers

True Bias Lander Pants are my favorite pants this summer and I made a pair from stretch fabric. The recommended fabric for the Lander Pants are .....Medium to heavy bottomweight fabrics with little to no stretch, such as twill, linen, corduroy and denim.

Let's talk about that a bit on this blog post.  I really wanted to use this Style Maker Fabrics' Mid Weight Coral Stretch Denim for a pair of Landers.  I sent Kelli a message through Instagram about using a stretch and she responded with wonderful advice.  "I've used stretch with success and it does help with recovery and comfort.  Just be careful not to take the hips in too much to accommodate for the stretch or you will get drag lines."

I love the comfort of these stretch Landers but I do have more drag lines than my first pair   Now this could be for more reasons than the stretch fabric.

I have made some adjustments from that first pair and have made an olive twill pair for Minerva Crafts, not on the blog but can see on this Instagram post   I used Closet Case Pants fitting adjustment to lengthen crotch by  "Add width off to inseam (or front thigh) to lengthen front crotch curve"  Oh, my gosh this made such a difference in comfort.  I went back and let a bit out of the inseam of my first pair and did the same on my McCall's overalls.  This little 1/4" adjustment makes an amazing difference in fit.

I also tried another adjustment the Round Pubis but didn't do it correctly and I have a funny tuck at the bottom of my button fly, I will need to work on that a bit and you can really see it in this photo

These stretch denim Landers go big with the win for comfort but in the future the Landers will be made from non-stretch fabric and I will save the stretch fabric for my Ginger Jeans.

Sewing is all about learning and making adjustments, right?  I learned something from this pair but will wear the heck out of them because they feel so good.  Also, I think after a washing and drying some of the wrinkles will be eliminated, we will see.

The color, amount of stretch and hand of this coral denim is amazing.  My jean buttons come form Wawak 

This is garment 4 of my Style Maker Fabric's Spring Purchase.


  1. Love that color, Lori! And your colorful garden ... oh my, so jealous! :-)

  2. cute pants, love the color and beautiful flowers

  3. They look fabulous Lori! And that colour has me swooning.

  4. Was there any reason you decided on the fly opening on the opposite side? Still a good fitting pant.

  5. These are so cute! I didn't notice anything about the fit due to stretch. The color is great.