Sunday, July 14, 2019

Fulton Sweater - Yellow for Sewcialist Mini Challenge July 2019

Spin the wheel and get a color to sew a garment or refashion one, sounded like fun.  So I spun and yellow was my color in the Sewcialist 5 day Mini Challenge

Now the rules said you could spin more than once but I went with yellow.  I knew I had one piece of yellow stripe fabric (from Hobby Lobby this spring and ponte weight) which I had been wanting to sew.  Well, I forgot about a polka dot fabric I purchased from LA Finch in June.  Yep, recent purchase and totally forgot.  That color of yellow is gone but they do have other colors of polka dot (LA Finch Cotton Spandex Dot)

Now it was time for ideas and I almost always head to Pinterest, a search of polka dot and stripe garments resulted in several options and I went Monse Cardigan.  I loved the look of it and wow, I am using a $1050 cardigan for inspiration, this was going to work out.   This cardigan is sold out but two days ago it was in stock and that was fabulous.  Why fabulous?  I could look at all the views and see how they used the various prints.

Now the length of the cardigan, I like long and more Pinterest for long cardigans with shorts.  Yep, long it is and I can always cut it off later.  Two choices Alina Design Co's Fulton Blazer or
 Helen's Closet Blackwood

Only one problem with a long cardigan - if your fabric is printed on the wrong side you will see that wrong side see here

I went with the Fulton, love the collar was the main reason.  I used more of the polka dot for the reason of time limitations and I didn't want to have to mess with the stripe lots.  I work a long day on Friday and we had a family wedding on Saturday so time was limited

It is Sunday at 1 pm and I finished a couple of hours ago, which I think is a record - completed, photographs and blogged all in the same day!

This was a fun challenge and was a great way to sew and have a bit more yellow in my wardrobe,

One tip on sewing these pockets - knit on knit with your sewing machine can mean puckers and waves in your knit.  Add a bit of tearaway stabilizer underneath the garment, or printer paper or a few layers of tissue paper. 


  1. Your make is so lovely and the use of two yellow fabrics is such a brilliant idea.

    1. Thanks, Chris, I couldn't believe they were the same shade of yellow. The only two yellows in my stash and they went together perfectly!

  2. I'm so honoured that you participated when you had such a time crunch! I LOVE how this cardigan turned out! The way the polka dot comes around to the stripe side as the collar is just awesome. And also... it's possible for a cardigan to cost $1050??? Who buys that????

    1. OH, Gillian, thanks so much for the nice comment. I had the best time working on this challenge, it was so fun to work with a color that isn't one of my go-to ones. Many people have bought that cardigan, it is sold out!