Monday, July 22, 2019

Simplicity 8389 - Style Maker Fabrics' Tencel Twill

Stylish and Easy...two adjectives that can describe this pattern and this fabric.  Can you want to wear wide leg pant all the time?  If so, I have the fabric/pattern combo for you.

I purchased Simplicity 8389 after seeing some of the great makes on Instagram and thank you Hobby Lobby for having the recent sale!  I just knew this pattern would be perfect for this Style Maker Fabrics' Tencel Twill, mine is periwinkle but there are 19 colors available.  Yes, that is right 19!

I went to order this periwinkle right after I watched Inside the Hem's spring fabric video and it was already sold out.  I don't know what it was about the periwinkle but I really wanted.  That did happen, Michelle had more on the way and soon 2 yards were on the way to me!

These pants are quick to sew, I just couldn't believe how quickly they went together.  I cut them out one afternoon and then the next night had them almost done in just over an hour.  What do I consider almost done?  I had to tack down the elastic and sew the hem.  The back of the pants have a great fit, I made no alterations on this pattern

I made a size 10, a size down than my normal size.  I just didn't want them too wide and went by the finished measurements.  Now there is only one problem with that, I didn't think about the size 10 waist being a bit smaller.  So they are a bit tight with the waist over the hips but nothing that is terrible, but next time I will probably grade to a 12 in the waist just for ease.  Love the deep pockets, and the pattern instructions have your understitch the pockets, I appreciate that extra detail/step

The pockets are quite nicely tucked in the side seams and that understitching helps keep it that way.

I love the front flat look of these pants and the elastic back, the pleats are a nice feature to help pull in some fullness.

The pants look great without the tie belt and I know I will wear them without the tie occasionally, the tie is just a fun detail

Years ago, my two older daughters were taking a sewing class, they made shorts.  Well, the instructor, finished the top of the elastic shorts with a bit of edgestitching, I couldn't believe what a difference that made in the look of an elastic waist.  I try to do that on all my elastic waist pants/shorts now.  It did make the casing a bit smaller so I used 1" elastic instead of the 1-1/4" elastic as stated on the envelope back.  Which was a good thing I didn't have any 1/1/4" elastic!  LOL

The tencel twill was perfect for these pants, it has some substance but the drape is amazing, making the movement of these pants perfect.

Now as I have stated before but I think it is good for a point of reference I am 5'8" and I only hemmed these pants one inch.  I didn't have enough fabric to lengthen my pattern so I was prepared to make them cropped if needed but I all worked out just fine.

Now to the tie belt with bow, I didn't think I wanted one but I did have just a bit of extra fabric, so I made one and I really do love it.  This is my new favorite thing to make with extra fabric, a simple tie belt.

Rule of thumb is wide on the bottom, a closer fitting top, right?  Well, I bought this white blouse and really wanted to wear it with these pants.  I did look at Pinterest for outfit ideas and most were a tshirt but I did find a couple with blouse.  So I went for it.

Now while wearing this belt with a bow making sure it was in the right place and blouse that the sleeves kept unrolling, I thought of a story my Aunt loves to tell.  My Aunt is younger than my dad by a couple of years and in early elementary school my dad needed my Aunt to meet him at recess and tie his shoes!   This was so funny because my Aunt would embarrass my dad, he said she looked like an unmade bed.  These two siblings were quite opposite, my dad never had his clothes out of place, except those shoelaces.  Well, my Aunt (his sister) would have her hair a mess, socks all crumpled, blouse  untucked,   My dad finally couldn't take it anymore, he said to their mom, "Mom, can't you do anything about her!"  Well, my aunt quickly reminded him that he needed her to tie his shoes!  So at the end of taking photos, that story popped into my head and I burst out laughing just thinking of my Aunt feeling a bit of the same way, belt had loosened up, the cuffs kept unrolling and the humidity was frizzing my hair!

I am so happy I made these pants and know I will make more.  In fact, when I posted my in progress photo on my Instagram feed, several people commented on how they love this pattern and the multiples they have made.  So try this pattern but make sure your fabric has good drape, that is so important.

This is garment 5 of my Style Maker Fabrics Spring Purchase.  Three more garments to go!


  1. Lovely pants, great photos and fun story!

  2. Really cute! I am digging the bow belt. I think the pants look great with that shirt too, volume and all.

    1. Thanks, I am loving the bow belt, too!

  3. These look great, Lori. Beautiful colour and, as you say, perfect match of fabric and pattern. I would like to hear about (see photos?) of that elastic edge stitching some time. Not sure I can visualise just what you meant.

    1. Thank you, Pamela. I will get a tutorial together and show how to do that.

  4. You look perfect in these pants. I have the same pattern, I am hoping mine turn out as well.

    1. They are amazing pants and with the elastic waist, easy to fit.

  5. I think a white blouse is always appropriate! These pants are lovely, good choice on the periwinkle. It really lightens them up and makes them feel very daytime/fun!

  6. These jeans are a stunning, acceptable decision on the periwinkle. It truly helps them up and causes them to feel daytime, Beautiful shading and, as you state, an ideal match of texture and example. I might want to catch wind of that versatile edge sewing at some point. Not certain I can picture exactly what you implied. Cocktail Dresses for Older Women