Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Pair of Red T-shirts

What is more basic for summer than t-shirts? I live in them once the hot, hot July days hit, it is the only thing that helps with the Mid-West heat and humidity.

I am working on sewing up all my Style Maker Fabric order from April and these are garments two and three.  I went with easy t-shirts and when I am short of sewing time, t-shirts are my go-to items.

I went with my go-to basic t-shirt pattern, Hey June's Union St. Tee, I like the relaxed look and the scoop neckline.  The relaxed look is good for a  Modal Jersey  which can get a bit clingy. 

For my second t-shirt, I used McCall's 7721, it is just a fun twist on a tee.  I had just enough of the red modal for the body of the t-shirt and a bit of red stripe from Dolman Shirt for the sleeves on View B.  I made this before and I really love this shirt, it is one I reach for quite often.

I forgot on this version and need to update my pattern instructions, to lower the neckline just a bit.

I cut the sleeve ruffles one layer at a time and placed the first on RST so I could match up my stripes.  Now each of the ruffles match. Also, on my previous shirt and this one, I did not hem the ruffle at all.  I felt it kept it cleaner and my knit won't ravel.

I like both of these shirts but the McCall's 7721 is my favorite, it just has a bit of fun to it.  I feel like this outfit is me and just makes me feel comfortable.  Do you have an outfit that just says this is me?  I love my dresses, culottes and other fun garments but at heart I am a t-shirt and jeans girl.


  1. I feel the same and wear knit tees with capris all summer long. Your tops are so cute, especially the one with striped sleeves - adorable! Karen

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