Monday, July 01, 2019

Dolman Striped Top

So you have a wide red and white stripe knit and you love the feel of the knit and want to make a top from it but......

You don't want to look like Where's Waldo!!!

photo from this site 

Fabric information.... Style Maker Fabric's Rugby Stripe Modal Jersey Knit and it is a really good knit, soft and drapey.  The neckline binding is Style Maker Fabric's Modal Jersey

I went through my patterns and pulled a couple of possibilities.  Then I remembered a pattern I hadn't made for quite a while, Patterns for Pirate's Pumpkin Spice Dolman.  I made it here  and one other time which I didn't blog.  The first one didn't have enough stretch and the sleeves were always so tight.

This knit has great stretch so it worked perfectly for this pattern.  I did shorten the sleeves quite a bit, works better for summer.

I wanted a slouchy, comfy t-shirt for summer and this one fits the bill.  The dropped shoulders, curved hemline and deep neckline are perfect for a stylish tee and not a Waldo-esque look!

Plus this works well tucked in

Right after the spring Style Maker Fabrics' Spring Blog Tour, I ordered several fabrics.  I have decided it was time to sew all that yardage up.  Eight fabrics for eight garments.  This is the first one, started with a quick knit.  I am going to continue with three more knit projects and then the Landers are up next.

So Where's Lori?


  1. This is a cute, stylish top - no Waldo!

  2. love it! perfect for summer