Friday, September 07, 2018

Pfaff Premier +2 Embroidery Ultra Software

Since May I have been learning and creating with my Pfaff Premier+2 Ultra Software and every time I do I am more amazed with this sofware.  The possibilities seem endless and I learn something new and fun,.

image from premier site

The description of the software from the Pfaff site

PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA is the ultimate Embroidery software system, providing unlimited possibilities for your designs! Whether you wish to change colors to preview your embroidery, adjust stitch areas or add a personal touch of lettering, PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA lets you do it all. You can create designs automatically from clipart or photos, create a word sculpture in a few clicks, add a border automatically or create amazing lace or special stitches with PREMIER+™ 2 Create.
The PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA package contains the complete range of PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery software, wizards, fonts and embroideries, including five exclusive modules and 100 very special bonus designs.

Let's talk about what I have learned since receiving this software in May and I am going to share some tips and hints.  I love the Encore tab in the Premier +2 and here is the screen

This part alone makes you possibilities endless and I am going to take a single design and work some Premier magic.  I am adding text and steps to each screen shot, so click on the photo to see the instructions better

One thing I like about this software is everything you need to do is from left to right, just like reading a book.  After getting my design, then I pick the Layout, I this case I am going with circle but later I will just show some screenshots on the other choices for fun.

Change the size of this design by grabbing the outside edge of the circle and moving it in or out, it all stays in proportion. After getting the size you want select apply.  Remember just going left to right.
I used this Encore to make this design and all the designs came from the Superdesign tab, some from the Music category.  

My biggest tip with the Encore is to start from the outside and work in, my thinking is this way you have the size of your design and you can work with that.

Now for the outside in this design, I want it to look a bit different so I am going to right click on my design and ungroup, then I can move each design around, just put your mouse to the circle and you will get the rotate and change direction of your design.

I have rotated all the elements, then click on CTRL and select each design with your mouse, right click and group them back together for this look.

Isn't that amazing?  Just a bit of rotation and everything looks different.  I am working in a large hoop for this tutorial, easier to see and I can fill it up. Remember with the Preview feature you can play with lots of designs and layouts.  If you don't like it, start again, nothing is set in stone, you are just getting a first look.

Now you could change the colors to be all the same but I like having each new element a different color, that way I can do thread color changes if I want when stitching out my design.

Now here is what I have when I get finished.

When I ungroup these items and there becomes so many items in my layout - use the tab key, it selects various elements, just tab until you get the one you want.  Right click on the mouse is your friend, so many options come up when you right click.  The Preview is a great way to see a design element during the creative process.

Want to see what this will look like stitched out?  Click on Life View and you can zoom in to see the stitches

Want other type of projects?
Go to the Wizards tab - I have already used the Express Monogram for the lining of a jacket and I love the one-of-a-kind monogram I have for a label on my new jacket.

I have plans for the Project-In-the-Hoop, one item is a book cover, which I thought I would make to cover composition notebooks.  My local Pfaff dealer, Satin Stitches, showed these book covers in Cork, they were so cute!  Premier + 2 makes it easy for these book covers, it asks you to input the width, height and thickness, it does the calculating!

Now I have only touched on a few aspects of this software -the following are included in the
Premier + 2 Embroidery Utlra



Each time I open the software and start creating, I learn so many more things I can do with this software.  I love to play and learn.  Now this rose was part of the Super Designs, but I did not want the stem and leaves. 

 No problem, Modify to the rescue, a design that works for my garment.  I just unchecked the colors for those elements and ta-da a new look!

I just wanted to share a bit of what this fabulous software can do.  I am excited and will share more as I work on more projects!  


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