Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Summer Concert Tee

This was a quick project before vacation to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, vacation.  Do you have those projects you hurry to get finished and then wish you had done something differently?  Well, this is one of those.

This knit fabric is from Sewing Studio and it is a great knit.  I do believe it is sold out, Karleen said she was going to take the last little bit for herself.  Well, I was looking for a bit of a different tee and went with the Summer Concert Tee.  I have made this one before and wore it recently and received a nice compliment.  I rushed through this one and didn't add enough length to the front.

See just barely covers the jeans waistband and I sure don't want to raise my arms!

The back is super cute and the high-low hem is fun, just too high for me.

Another look at the hemline.

Erin, the second oldest daughter, is the recipient of this top, she is 2 inches shorter than I am and I think it will be a good shirt for her.  I did use some leftover fabric for a dress for one of the granddaughters, this one going to Erin's daughter

From now on my go-to t-shirt pattern will probably be the Bellevue, I love that shirt and the style and how it fits  What is your go-to t-shirt pattern?

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