Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vogue 1387 - Mood Fabrics

Yes, it is November and I have a blouse completed for the holiday season.  I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I used Vogue 1387

and a beautiful  Mood Fabrics' red polka dot silk

Here is just a peak at my sleeve placket, first one I have made in a very long time.  It was easier than I remembered so I will do it more often!

You can see the rest of the blouse over at Mood Sewing Network 


  1. Looks great Lori - great for the holiday's!

  2. Such a pretty blouse. Fabric and pattern are a perfect match.

  3. It's so festive!!!

  4. Any special silk sewing tips you can suggest ? Thx it's so lovely 😄