Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 7

Outerwear is the theme for this Friday and I am starting with capes.

  I love this one from Nordstrom's

Burda Style 10-2012 #140has a nice one for this look

or a bit different look from Neiman Marcus

Vogue 8959 is a beautiful cape

A Pendleton Wool coat with toggles, which I love from Nordstrom

Colette Albion coat is a winner for this look.  I really should make this one, I just think toggles are a fun - classic- vintage.  I just can't pick the right word.  What do you think?

A hooded raincoat anyone?

Sewaholic Minoru  is a pattern with many positive reviews and the waist detail is great. Another coat I should make, my poor list is growing!

Loving these leather inserts from Nordstrom

This Simplicity 1781 would work pretty well

This last one isn't true outerwear but I guess depending on your location, might be all the jacket you need.

Favorites?  Suggestions?

Since I have started this feature, I have had all sorts of offers.  I could blog outfits for a day in Vegas, that would be hard never been there!  I could share some nail products with my readers and   the world's largest online auction marketplace (company to rename nameless but does not start with an E).  They were very nice emails and I was very appreciative but just not a direction I want to go!

I do have a favor to ask - anyone good with graphics?  Would you be willing to design a graphic for this Friday Fashion Inspiration?


  1. I just purchased a printed fleece to make Simplicity SewSimple 1521 cape - my take on a blanket coat I've been spotting. Would love to do a suede or leather insert blazer too will definitely keep Simplicity 1781 in mind. Since it snowed in NJ a bit last night I guess I better get that fleece coat on the cutting table!!! Yikes

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Wow, what fun inspiration! But don't tempt me to make even more coats! ;) I wish I could do graphics... I'm so clumsy with computers. :(

  3. I love these jackets! I love how capes look, but just not sure they are all that wearable here. I could create a graphic for you, but you need to give me a week (possibly more!). My computer is on the fritz until hubby can get the viruses cleaned off or (gasp) wipe my hard drive and start over. Not sure what I got into, but I thought that was what Norton was supposed to stop?? If no one else offers up in time...just shoot me an e-mail with your ideas/colors/etc. and I can work on it. :) stacy at thelandofka dot com

  4. I'm really enjoying your Friday Fashion Inspiration posts.

  5. Lovely capes and like gingermakes, don't tempt me to make another. I am drooling over the jacket, great leather detail.

  6. Lovely! Can't wait to see what you do :)