Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bedroom Curtains - Revealed

Well, not here but on
Mood Sewing Network today

Five of you who commented were correct....

I just loved how it looked with my quilt, the
 blue-ish color in the leaves matched the walls perfectly and the fabric reminded me of barkcloth and I love that look.  Plus it looks fabulous with the quilt

So go take a look at the curtains.


  1. ooo lori, that fabric is perfect! surely le husband is happy with the more colorful room, even if he doesn't know it yet :)

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Wow, it looks so fresh and cozy at the same time! The fabric is beautiful! Ha, husbands always get used to new decoration, I agree with oona balloona :-D. Women know best don't they ;-)! PS: I'm from Belgium, and know Mood only from Project Runway, it's a dream to visit a Mood shop some day!

  3. Your bedroom looks beautiful. You have such decorating talent. Another career maybe? Just don't give up sewing clothing......I get inspiration and motivation from seeing your sewing.