Friday, August 22, 2014

Floral Curtains

Home dec sewing, it maybe isn’t my first love or second love but most of the time mine is pretty simple and what a difference fabric can make.  Julie at Mood asked if we wanted to do a home dec project in honor of Mood’s new home dec showroom, I did a bit of thinking.  Yes, I wanted new curtains for the master bedroom for the new two-color quilt I made, so the decision was easy.
Our master bedroom has been blue and brown for several years, I was trying to keep it more neutral for my husband.  Well, I am over that and ready for some color and a few changes.  Each month, I am doing a little something, like new knobs for our older furniture.  Yes, that changed made a world of difference.  To get started with the step in the changes, I ordered several samples to see which would look the best in our bedroom.  The arrived so quickly and really it was an easy decision.  The Graceful Garden Floral Print won hands down.

Well, maybe hubby wasn’t too thrilled with the floral but I told him no more blues and browns!   Maybe I actually said, how about if we try something different and we can always but the blue and browns back up.

These curtains were easy to sew, just hemming the sides, top and bottom.  My windows face south, which makes it very difficult to photograph these curtains.  I could not find a time of day when the light wasn’t coming in the window and back lighting the photos.  I really don’t mind this sunlight at all and really is nice sunshine for the room.

 I have my curtains hung on curtain clips and I hang one panel on each window.   It just frames the windows but lets so much light come into the room.  We live in a very rural area, so the curtains very rarely have to close but with the clips, closing is easily done. I couldn’t believe what a difference the curtains made in the room.  Bye-bye browns and blues, hello warm and fun colors.  I don’t think the husband minds at all, or possibly hasn’t noticed at all.  No, I am joking, he has noticed and says they are nice.  Which I think is guy code for the curtains are good and they make my wife happy. These floral curtains  will make such a great difference in the winter, color in a room always brightens my day.  I am so happy I embraced the home dec sewing and brightened a room with fabric.

Now let's talk about all my samples and why the floral one:

This was the second runner up - I loved the fabric and it had nice texture but it was very pink.  Not to say the floral is masculine at all but the pink might have been too much.  I really think this would be pretty for a fabric covered headboard.  Which I just might have to do!

This check I liked and if I used it then I would have put the wrong side out.  The right side has little bows.  My twins couldn't see past the bows and eliminated this swatch right away.  I think their exact words were, "Mom, there is no way we are letting you but fabric with bows in your bedroom!"

Pretty fabric, just too orange and I didn't love it all.

This was what I thought would be the winner when I ordered the swatches.   But with the Ikat and the quilt, it was just a conflicting look.  I love Ikat looks in magazines but I don't know, this one just was working.

So there you have it, how the floral curtains came to be.

The pretty artwork is still in the house, just moved to another room.  It came from Pier One.  Now I am looking for a great piece for above the bed but that will be after I purchase or make a covered headboard.  I need to see how high the headboard comes up.
 That will have to wait for another month.....

Please note …..we were provided a special allowance which I put toward this project and covered the rest myself


  1. Love the floral, I voted for it. Looks fabulous!!!

  2. The curtains look great!

  3. Oh yes, a bit of fabric brightens up any room! I have just put up curtains in my daughter's room today, and the difference is just unreal. Your curtains certainly bring a pop of colour, and I love a curtain per window look.

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