Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Patchwork Bibs and Finding Direction

This has been me in the sewing room lately

Running in circles with no good direction!  I felt like I needed some focus and my projects were coming at my faster than I could blink.

I made a list of garments, bags, quilts and home dec I needed to get to.     One thing for sure, my fabric in far exceeded my garments and projects out.

This past week I have finished several items, no clothing but other projects that just needed to get off my cutting table.

I wanted to make some cute bibs for a baby gift and this Simple Simon & Co Tutorial was perfect.  I made 5 very quickly, using up some cotton scraps and batting.

I read this on a blog referring to our projects:

PhDs (Projects Half Done)
WiPs (Work in Progress)
UFOs (UnFinished Objects)
PIGS (Projects in a Grocery Sack)

Oh, my gosh, that last one gave me a good laugh  and I am happy to say I have upgraded my PIGS to PIBs (projects in boxes - plastic storage boxes to be specific)

Being very aware of my lengthy to-do list.  I went with the easiest item, patchwork bibs.  It was so relaxing to make these 5 little bibs. Playing with cute fabric, simple straight stitching and before I knew it all of these were complete.  

So if you have a some time and want a  cute baby gifts, these patchwork bibs are just the ticket.  I love how they turned out and guess what?

Patchwork Bibs   are now crossed off my list.

What else is off my list?
Curtains (Mood Post on Thursday)
Purse/tote for class sample
2 pair of pants hemmed for daughter #2
Pattern testing item finished an hour ago
Binding on quilts

I do think I am feeling better, oh, wait, I just looked at my list again!


  1. I'm trying to get a sewing list started for Fall. I also have a list of things to look for next week - NYC fabric shopping day planned! Look out Mood here I come!

  2. PIGS = wadders for me. Need to hide them before discard so they don't haunt me from the bottom of the trash!

  3. Ahahahahahaha! Girl, I have so many unfinished projects right now that I feel a little queasy thinking about it! Mine are PSIMB- Projects Stuffed in Mood Bags! You've inspired me to go through these bags today and sort out what I'm actually going to finish and what I should just scrap. Thanks for sharing the bib tutorial- what a great idea!

  4. Those bibs are so cute! The fabrics are not the type that I have (bright and colorful), but I will save this idea. Just this morning I decided against making a t-shirt dress for a little girl's b'day; I don't have her here to measure, and, honestly, I don't feel like it. I am trying to sew mostly garments for myself, and even that is slow going. Congrats on your progress!

  5. Mine are PIBs, too, and they are starting to make me avoid my sewing room! I'm so excited about them all, but I move forward on them so slowly these days that it makes me sad. I'm glad you've gotten so many of your crossed off your list!

  6. Your bibs are cute!! A great idea for a baby gift. I will be "pinning" them for future reference.
    I also have a "to do" list. There are still some summer items to make. I am not ready for the fall just yet. Enjoy your day :)