Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Butterick 5610

One thing I like to do is use up the rest of the fabric after I make the original garment.  This statement is especially true when I have such great fabric, as in my Staple dress,

Butterick 5610 using Mood Fabrics cotton and ponte

In my patterns, I have Butterick 5610 and went with the lower left version minus the elastic

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Staple Dress in NY Designer Lightweight Cotton Fabric

I knew when I purchased this fabulous print  from Mood Fabrics that the fabric needed to be the star of the garment.  I am so sorry but it is sold out. I love this print.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two-Tone Singlet

Last week I received a very nice email from Harrison on behalf of his mother, Heather, together  they are working on a great new sewing site,
Teach Me Fashion
and they asked me to blog about their new site and try out the
Two-Tone Singlet.  I was happy to help, it is such a cute pattern.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Plantain T-shirt - Great for Summertime

Or really anytime.  If you haven't downloaded the free
Deer and Doe Plantain t-shirt , stop reading and head over and get this great basic top.  After you download this top, then come back and finish reading!

I purchased two  knits from Girl Charlee and knew they were going to be Plantain t-shirts

Friday, July 18, 2014

Renfrew Top - Aqua/Gray Stripe Knit

First off, anyone else hard on their summer clothes?  I am terrible, spill things on them, get home from work and start pulling weeds in the garden.  Oh, guess what something on my shirt and it won't come out.   Plus I just wear certain things so much, they just get "tired" looking.  Which I can relate, some days I just get tired looking!
Girls in the Garden - Sewaholic Renfrew Top using Girl Charlee knit fabric
I like to freshen up my summer tops in July, give myself some new looks for the rest of the season and retire some of the older garments.  They can become permanent garden/work at home tops.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stripe Maxi Skirt - McCall's 6966

A quick and easy pattern is always a great thing for the summer, which is what I selected for a maxi skirt.  McCall's 6966 was my pattern of choice and isn't this version cute one  and the stripes just make it cuter?  Or should I say more stylish?

I went with Girl Charlee's chrome gray ash stripe bamboo lycra , which states it is a true medium weight with a 4-way stretch.

Girls in the Garden - McCall's 6966 stripe maxi with Girl Charlee fabric

Take note, this pattern takes quite a bit of fabric, almost 3 yards.  But guess who only ordered 2 yards?   Yep, me but I was determined to make it work.  My middle front section, stripes are not the correct direction but I think it works just fine. 

I made a small and straightened the flare at the bottom a bit.  Yes, this was due to the fabric shortage. 

Girls in the Garden - McCall's 6966 stripe maxi with Girl Charlee fabric

With just enough fabric to cut out a front and back waistband I felt relieved.  Yes, I did it, the skirt is ready to sew.  One problem, the facings for the waistband.  An Old Navy gray t-shirt from my closet came to the rescue.  I had not worn it all year and now it could be used in a great way.

On this side view, you can see the back, not at all like the instructions tell you to cut it.

Girls in the Garden - McCall's 6966 stripe maxi with Girl Charlee fabric

Here is the drawing, View D, is stripe version.  I had to use the back piece from View C and create my own unique pattern.

This is so easy to make, if you have a couple of hours and three yards of knit fabric , create a new maxi skirt.  Something to jazz up your summer wardrobe for the last half of summer. I know I get tired of my summer clothes after the 4th of July and need to add some new garments to the choices.

Girls in the Garden - McCall's 6966 stripe maxi with Girl Charlee fabric

The wind is getting the best of me here, but the skirt looks pretty blown back into my legs!  Ha! 

Girls in the Garden - McCall's 6966 stripe maxi with Girl Charlee fabric

I like the gray color, this skirt will work well into the first part of fall.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Winner of Giveaway #5 for Upcoming Anniversary - 8 years of Blogging

53 entries for the Girl Charlee Gift Certificate and I really enjoyed reading all your sewing plans, travel plans and 4th of July plans.  A very busy group.  I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th and are really giving your sewing machines a workout.

Now to the winner and selected 

Drumroll please...
I don't work in the summer so I plan to sew every day.

Congratulations, Sherri, I hope you are getting to sew everyday.

Sherri email me and I will get that gift certificate to you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Red Voile Top - McCall's 6702

I ordered this beautiful red floral cotton voile a couple months ago and unfortunately it is sold out.  Never fear, Mood Fabric's cotton voile selection is filled with amazing prints and colors.  I really love sewing with cotton voile, it presses beautifully and is so easy to sew.  Not to mention, it is lightweight, breathable and cool for summer.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rail Fence Quilt x 2

Hubby and I are back from a 5 day trip to Door County, Wisconsin.  It was a beautiful area and  a fun vacation  but a bit different, the first time in 27 years that a summer vacation was just the two of us.  Tell you the truth, it took me a day to adjust but we had a great time.  I do think one or two girls will go with us next year on vacation, their summer school/work schedules just did not allow it this year.

On the road trip, I finally got around to hand sewing the binding on this rail fence quilt.

 It is a simple rail fence using two jelly rolls from Tula Pink's Fox Field and some Moda Snow solid yardage.  I saw something similar on Pinterest and liked the way the colors were grouped together

I am teaching this class at my friend's quilt shop, in a couple of weeks.  It is just a 3 hour morning class in a workshop form.  I like her method for classes, you leave with the knowledge of the technique.  Then you can finish the quilt top at home.

This quilt took 2 jelly rolls, which in Free Spirit have fewer pieces than compared to a Moda jelly roll.  For instance, most of Moda's have 40 strips of fabric, this Fox Field had 30 strips.

 My quilt top was quilted by my local long-arm quilter.  Some of you have asked, she charges per square inch.  

I had just a few blocks leftover from this lap size quilt, so I made another baby quilt.

  Another girl baby quilt for my baby quilt stash.  I really need to get busy on some baby boy quilts!

 I did get back to my machine last night and made a maxi skirt plus embroidered two gift items.  Pictures soon of the skirt and on Monday,I will have a post up at Mood Sewing Network.  That will be something in red, which was my last red garment after several new red garments.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Fireworks and More

Meredith saw this pin

How to Photograph Your Name in Sparklers

here is another article that had some good tips also.

 My two tips -

1.  I set my camera to a single self-timer shot with a 2 second delay start.  This allowed me to depress the button and get my hand off the camera in time for the picture to be taken.  We sure didn't want any shake with the slow shutter speed

2.  It is dark and the camera cannot find anything to focus.  Have the person hold the lit sparkler in right  front of their body.  This allows the camera to focus.

She bought 4 long sparklers and we went to work. I set up my camera and had the setting correct, or at least I thought.  You see I had my camera correct for dusk, with still decent light.  That all changed in the dark of night!

Here is "HI"

The tricky part is not only getting the shutter speed slow enough but you have to write your word  BACKWARDS.  

Here is the incorrect shutter speed and very quick photo.  Meredith had only written a bit of a letter.

Some squiggles

Another one but the spelling a bit off!

The final sparkler and the final picture, I finally had the camera set just right.   Meredith had about 30 seconds with the sparkler but she doubted my camera set-up skills. She was just squiggling with the sparkler and see that burst of color in the right corner.  Meredith just twirled the sparkler in a circle for quite a bit of the time.  

So if you have leftover sparklers, this is very fun to do.  We will be buying more sparkles to try this again and I have my camera settings written down to recreate.

I had shutter at 1/5, f -stop at 4.0 and ISO at 200, but might turn it to 100 and see if the background darkens a bit.

I am taking a few days off from blogging.  I have this week off from work and we are planning many activities.  So see you later.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the food, fun, family and fireworks.

picture from The Barn Artist

Thanks to all who have served our country and kept us safe.  Let Freedom Ring.

I will be spending part of the morning in my garden and a few other activities.  This will be the lowest-key 4th of July for us in history but will be celebrating with family in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Two Color Quilt

My local quilt shop had a two-color quilt challenge and I decided to enter.  My first stop was Pinterest and I started pinning ideas on my board, appropriately named Two Color Quilts.

I knew this quilt was going to be used on my bed and I wanted to introduce yellow into my room.  Yellow and Snow (Kona's name for a creamy white) are my colors of choice.  Next up to decide on a pattern from my Pinterest board, I went with this simple pattern

My quilt was completed at the end of April, but I didn't want to show my quilt on the blog .  All the quilts were suppose to be secret and the customers of the quilt shop voted on their top three favorites.  No I did not win, there were 18 incredible quilts from a group of  amazingly talented quilters.

I am just so happy to have this beauty on my bed, it sure does brighten my room.

The quilt is queen size and very hard for my girls to hold this up. I think they had very tired arms after all these pictures were taken.

The quilts hung in the quilt shop from June 1st to July 1st, making a very pretty display at the store.  Now I am so happy to have it on my bed.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Pastel Baby Quilt

New theme of the week - Quilts.  Last week's theme was all garments red, so why not another theme this week.

I have had a few quilts that have come back from the long arm quilter, they all seem to come back at once!

This one is a quilt Meredith started last fall and it sat on the shelf needing one more row completed.  She had a charm pack and cut it up in these patterns, I am sure she found the pattern on Pinterest.

The quilt sat on the shelf due to the fact, Meredith ran out of charm pack.  I went through my scraps and found a couple pieces that worked with the charm pack colors and finished the quilt.

Thanks to a dear friend we have lots of baby quilt size  batting pieces.  This helps reduce the cost of the quilts and a great way to use up the pieces.

As you can tell, this is another baby girl quilt.  How many baby boy quilts do I currently have in my closet for gifts?  A big fat zero!  One is at the longarm quilters, so that is a start..

This is another cute little quilt, which is no longer an UFO but a lovely gift waiting for a sweet little baby.

Thanks to Meredith for constructing most of this quilt, it took me about an hour to finish it.

Don't forget to enter my current giveaway, celebrating my 8 years of blogging.

Meredith and I  have  more company in the sewing room.  Kaitlyn has decided to do more sewing, which I am thrilled to have more of my girls sewing but leaves us one machine short!  LOL.