Friday, March 29, 2013

Quilt for Baby Bed at My House

I wanted a little quilt for the baby bed at my house, which is in a spare bedroom, and I wanted this quilt to go with the decor in the room already.

So blues and browns, would work.  I used scraps from the diaper bag I made Erin and a few scraps from my stash.  I just did some long strips to make the size for the bed, which is long and narrow with a baby bed.

I just finished the binding last night.

Close-up of the quilting

Then in the bed

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Happy Easter weekend.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mustard Poplin Jacket with Stripe Jersey shirt

Lately, I have been seeing a certain color combination of navy and mustard in fashion and I have been wanting to introduce it into my wardrobe.  I found this Mustard poplin

 add this stripe jersey

and I have the perfect combination for new spring garments.

At first, I was thinking a skirt and top, as this picture from my pins but I really don't wear skirts that much and  I wanted garments that I will wear quite often.  A jacket for spring is always a welcome addition to the wardrobe and I selected BWOF  6/2006 #104 for my pattern

I have about 15 BWOF magazines in my collection and always seem to find what I need from these.  I haven't subscribed since they changed the layout on the pattern sheets.  Let me say, I am probably in the minority but I like the Big 4 pattern companies better than Burda magazine.  Yes, many of  Burda's designs are fashion-forward yet many can be classic, my jacket pattern is from a 7 year old magazine but I find the tracing monotonous and the directions read like a foreign language at times (lost in translation).  For this pattern, I followed some of the directions and others I just constructed it as I thought best. 

Once I had settled on my pattern, I could start to plan.  What else could I add to this jacket that is on trend and stylish?  Floral, of course.  Using a floral from my stash, I added piping to the pocket flaps and collar, then I used the fabric for the under collar and cuffs.  It adds just enough to really accent the mustard color and keep the spring fashion theme.

Here is a post with a few construction details for this jacket.  The jacket itself didn't take long but all the extra piping did add a bit of additional construction time to the jacket but I think it was worth it.

It is hard to see in the constructed photo but the jacket has nice shaping in the front, darts on the sleeves and more darts on the back.  All of this does make a great fitting jacket.  

I knew all along the stripe knit was going to be the Renfrew t-shirt, it is one of my new favorites.  The knit has some color variations, more of a fading in the yardage.  I love how this looks, gives the fabric some depth and movement.  The stripe comes in four different colorways, I purchased the one called gray 02 stripes.  To my eye it is more navy and just the color I wanted paired with the mustard jacket.

Some changes on my Renfrew from the first time I made it -
  • cut a size 10 everywhere except the bust, cut a 12.  The first time I made it I cut a 14 and ended up taking it in all around.  
  • cut off 1" from the length, it was too long with the band
  • tapered the arms for the 3/4 length sleeves

I paired it all with a black ponte skirt  from my closet and I think with the black you see more navy with the knit stripe 

When I order fabric from Mood, I usually have a garment or a pattern in mind to make.  This project was quite fun, I had the color combination first, then what I thought I would make.  After touching and feeling the fabric, then contemplating what my wardrobe needed, my plans changed.  I really enjoyed the evolution of this jacket, from something plain to something a bit more suitable for spring and on-trend.

Here is a close-up of the jacket, you can see all the details.

The poplin turned out to be prefect for the jacket, it has nice body, stretch for comfort and a finish that lends itself to outerwear.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

High Chair with a Coat of Paint

A month or so ago I dug out the high chair from the attic.  I know it will be a few months before grandson will be ready to sit in it but I was a Girl Scout and want to be prepared!

It is golden oak that was the fad back 20+ years ago and I am over golden oak.

Here is the before, nothing wrong with the wood color, just ready for a bit of an update.

I decided aqua paint, good for boy or girl, right?  A few coats and the high chair looks newer and brighter

I am still trying to convince hubby the golden oak dining table needs some updating.  I just want to paint the base but he isn't convinced yet.  I will keep trying (or he might come home to a painted base and see how long before he noticed)!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Burda Jacket - Mood Poplin Fabric Part 1

On Sunday, I started a BWOF jacket for my next Mood Sewing Network project, my intent is 2 posts a month at Mood's site.

The fabric I selected was Mustard Solid Poplin, which was intended for a skirt with this Navy stripe jersey for the top.  I was thinking this look:
from PInterest

I am still planning the navy-white top from Renfrew top but the mustard poplin wants to be something else.  As stated on Mood's site, this is a lightweight fabric but with a finish that made me think of outerwear.

I went through all my patterns, then my Ottobre for Women, then my BWOF collection.  Meredith was helping me to decide which one was the best and we settled on this jacket it  BWOF 6/2006 #104

The fabric has a vertical stretch, so I folded it and cut my jacket so the stretch was going around the body.

I stitched the pockets but one of them turned out to be a different size, darn those exact seam allowance.  My solution, to take the best looking finished pocket and placed in on some extra fabric and traced around the pocket.

 That traced line was my stitching line, look closely as it is hard to see.

 Now I had two matched pockets.

My thoughts on this jacket was to mix prints a bit with the stripe top, the mustard jacket and then add some floral fabric to the  jacket.  As shown online, in magazines, runways and fashion collections,  floral prints are big.

I had some floral in my stash and wanted just a bit on my jacket, piping seemed to be the answer, a bit on the pocket flap.

Here is the finished pocket.

I discovered something else, no picture but here it is.  I wanted the angled buttonholes to be the same on both flaps.  I stitched the buttonholes in one flap, then I placed the two flaps RST and pressed them, leaving the buttonhole indention on the flap.  This showed me the exact spot to sew the buttonholes.

The jacket is unlined, so I did the facings like this, stitch the long edge with right side of facing and right side of interfacing together.  Then turn the interfacing to wrong side and press, this makes a nice clean edge.

 My last photo, since this fabric is so stretchy, I added a small width of interfacing to stabilize the hem

I have to finish the sleeves, cuffs and buttonholes, my plans for tomorrow.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

MInt Lace with Yellow accents

At Mood Sewing Network, March is lace sewing month for the bloggers.  I was discussing with my oldest daughter, Paige, what I might make for this challenge.  After a few ideas, she suggested a dress for her.  I thought it was a great suggestion and I told her to start looking at patterns and inspiration photos.

Next step was the lace selection and Paige wanted a mint color lace (popular for spring).   She looked at the  incredible laces on Mood Fabric's online shop and we knew Mood had an even a wider selection at their at their store in NYC and LA.  Then the best thing ever happened,  Oonaballoona and Carolyn, volunteered to go the NYC store and take pictures of laces for us.  We emailed them what we were looking for and all morning they sent pictures to our phones.  I would look, ooh and aahh and then forward the picture to Paige.
This is the lace Paige selected, the perfect mint color and a beautiful lace pattern.

The pattern Paige picked was McCall's 6699

I ordered the lace, a matching silk charmeuse for the lining, a yellow silk taffeta for the waistband the the back slit, thread and a matching mint invisible zipper.   The fabric arrived and the mint lace was incredible, a soft hand and wonderful design, this started my excitement for the dress, such perfect fabric.

I went to work on the muslin first to perfect the fit. This step took a few tries.  The muslin was perfect in the hips and waist but a bit tight in the bust and Paige commented very tight in the armscye. My first thought was the seam allowance was not removed in the armscye, so I stitched the seam and trimmed close to the stitching.  I mailed this muslin to Paige and the bust fit better but the armsyce still tight.  I pullled out the fitting books and found that she is probably long from the shoulders to the bottom of the armscye.  The suggested fix was to add length at the upper chest and then the corresponding sleeve area.  Since I did not have a sleeve, I just added  to the shoulder seam and raised the neckline accordingly.  Yes, this was the perfect adjustment.  Paige sometimes states RTW is tight in the shoulders and she moves her arms around trying to figure out where it is tight.  Now we both wonder if it is more with this fitting issue.

Muslin out of the way, it was time to cut.  Oh, I tell you I was so nervous cutting into this fabric but all went well and it didn't take long with so few pieces.

 Next step was to baste the lace to the silk, I used some of my weights to keep all the fabric in place.

After basting the layers and the darts, I serged around both layers to keep the lace from fraying.  

I was so pleased with the invisible zipper   insertion.  Whew, I didn't have to unsew!  On hindsight, I probably should of used a lap zipper (Carolyn  stated the same thoughts).  The zipper wants to catch in one place, right above the yellow waistband.  If this dress was to worn frequently it might be more of an issue but it will be a special occasion garment so the zipper won't be used as much.

I have sewn lace one time before (BWOF jacket), so it wasn't something I had much experience doing but I loved the sewing steps, each one brought more satisfaction in the garment.  The only part I was nervous about was the final fitting, oh I hoped it fit Paige perfectly.  We both had last Friday off, so I drove the couple hours to her house for the moment of truth.

It fit perfectly and the mint color looks gorgeous on her.

I think the yellow is just the right accent color for the mint.  The bodice is fully lined on the dress, while the skirt is just underlined with the silk.

A closer view of the dress

Another picture of this stunning dress on my beautiful girl, this shows the bust darts and waist darts on the skirt

A fun feature of the pattern and a way to showcase the yellow fabric is the turned-back slit on the skirt

 a bit closer of the slit and fabric.

This dress was fun to sew and the only thing I had to work on three times was the hem, I just wasn't pleased with the way it would hang.  You know what they say, third time was a charm!

Paige was so happy with her dress and I was so happy to sew it for her.  Paige isn't one to ask for many things, so when she asked for this dress, I was more than happy to do it.

Head over to Mood Sewing Network and see all the fabulous lace garments.  Thanks.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colette Beignet Skirt

This skirt has many reviews and some great looking finished garments.  I love the front buttons, side pockets, belt loops and shape.
Picture from Colette Patterns

Description :High waisted straight skirt provides a very flattering shape with paneled styling: not too loose or too tight around the hips, with a very fitted waist. Buttons up the front, has side seam pockets, and includes a self tie belt, which can be swapped out for your own narrow belts. Skirt has a faced waist, button placket and full lining.

Sizing:  0 to 18, I made a 10 according to the size chart

Directions:  They are incredible, easy to follow and you have a gorgeous constructed garment when completed.  

Fabric:  a stretch corduroy I have had in my stash for a couple of years.  I started this skirt while snowed in the house for a couple of days.  I ordered the buttons from Wood buttons and actually selected 3 styles.  

Likes/Dislikes:  As stated earlier, I was drawn in by all the wonderful completed garments online, the lines of the skirt, the button front and the belt loops.  Dislikes - this style doesn't work the best for me, which I knew but the allure of this pattern just drew me in!

Conclusion:  From the side this skirt looks pretty good on me

'Then I turn to the front and things quickly change.  
I think I am too straight up and down for this style.  It really doesn't do much for me at all.   I do think the skirt is a bit too big making it more shapeless.   I have two opinions from the twins, Kaitlyn says it makes you look like a bag lady!  Meredith says it doesn't look that bad an you, mom.  Mike (hubby) says the skirt with all the buttons, I liked that on the hanger.  You don't like it?  No, I don't at the moment.

So if this style of skirt looks good on you, yes, buy this pattern, it is wonderful.  If this style isn't great for you, invest in a different pattern.

I am disappointed, I really wanted this to work for me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Table.

This year Easter dinner will be at my house.  I wanted to start working on the table and made a quick table runner from osnaburg.   Just a quick serging of the edges, turned under and topstitched the hem.

To add a bit for the Easter theme, think bunnies.  I cut a couple of bunnies from vinyl and applied to each end of the runner.  Then using a pit of paint, I painted the bunnies, with the vinyl as the stencil.

They turned out pretty good.

I added a couple of bunnies, I found at Joann's, my hurricane candle holders filled with decorative eggs, burlap wreaths from Ballard's on close-out, a vase filled with tulips finish the spring look.

A bit of fun and spring color.  Now to plan the menu!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dress turned into Top - Kwik Sew 3419

I bought this luscious deep turquoise jersey from Mood Fabrics and intended to make Vogue 8825

During a snowstorm where we were stuck at home, I cut out this dress but didn't have enough fabric.  Which meant another order from Mood Fabrics and a couple more pieces of fabric found their way into my cart!

The fabric came last week and I went to work on the dress a couple of days ago.  Last night I finished the dress and knew it was too long.  I asked Meredith to help me pin it up, then I quickly said nevermind.  She came to look anyway and we both burst out laughing.  It looked like a potato sack.  The style was awful on me, the fabric is luscious as stated above but it has too soft of hand for this dress.  After our laughfest, Meredith said, "mom, that is a pretty color".  I agreed and went down to the sewing room to see what I could salvage, using the skirt of the dress and about 3/4 yard left from the dress.  I searched through my patterns and compared the fabric I could use.
Kwik Sew 3419 was the selection

I have made this pattern several times before,

I did add a bit to the lower front and back, the rayon knit is just a bit clingy and I didn't want it close to my skin.

I wore it with my red skinny jeans and denim jacket.

Here is the top only (while I took this picture it started sleeting!)
(reminding myself to stand up straight and hold my stomach in)

Note to self:   wear this with a cami if I don't wear a jacket.  Clings too much to the upper area, looks a bit like a coat of armour!  LOL

Finally, a bit of a relaxed pose

A bit cheer for turning a wadder into a top I will wear and enjoy.  This afternoon, Meredith said, "Mom, I like your new top, it is so much better than that dress!"  She is so right.

No More Google Reader

I read this last night at CNet and heard it on the news this morning.

So how are we to read our beloved blogs now?

The article lists these alternative methods:

  • Google Currents, which works with only tablets and smartphones right now, uses the same idea 
  • Google+ gives people a way to keep tabs on both news feeds and social activity by friends, merging two, once disparate Web activities, into one experience.
  • standard viewing option in Safari, with what is now known as "reader." 
  • On the Web there are tools like NewsBlur, FeedReader, Netvibes, and RebelMouse.
  • 5 alternatives suggested from CNet
  • Blog Lovin which I think I might try

Do you read your blogs through google reader?  Do you other methods?  Any suggestions?

I have google reader on my phone and laptop.  Now time to prepare to switch, grrrr.  All that just cuts into sewing time  and other fun time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday Girl

or I should say birthday young woman!

Paige's birthday was Friday and we celebrated on Saturday.


If it is your birthday celebration, you get to hold the baby first!  This is such a great picture and she is so in love with her new nephew (that goes for everyone here).  Doesn't seem that long ago and it was me holding her, time goes quickly.

While Paige was here, we did a fitting of the bodice of her lace dress.  I made the adjustments I needed and inserted the invisible zipper last night

Heading to the sewing room to line the dress and hem it.  I am hoping to head over to her place on Friday for the pictures.