Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dress turned into Top - Kwik Sew 3419

I bought this luscious deep turquoise jersey from Mood Fabrics and intended to make Vogue 8825

During a snowstorm where we were stuck at home, I cut out this dress but didn't have enough fabric.  Which meant another order from Mood Fabrics and a couple more pieces of fabric found their way into my cart!

The fabric came last week and I went to work on the dress a couple of days ago.  Last night I finished the dress and knew it was too long.  I asked Meredith to help me pin it up, then I quickly said nevermind.  She came to look anyway and we both burst out laughing.  It looked like a potato sack.  The style was awful on me, the fabric is luscious as stated above but it has too soft of hand for this dress.  After our laughfest, Meredith said, "mom, that is a pretty color".  I agreed and went down to the sewing room to see what I could salvage, using the skirt of the dress and about 3/4 yard left from the dress.  I searched through my patterns and compared the fabric I could use.
Kwik Sew 3419 was the selection

I have made this pattern several times before,

I did add a bit to the lower front and back, the rayon knit is just a bit clingy and I didn't want it close to my skin.

I wore it with my red skinny jeans and denim jacket.

Here is the top only (while I took this picture it started sleeting!)
(reminding myself to stand up straight and hold my stomach in)

Note to self:   wear this with a cami if I don't wear a jacket.  Clings too much to the upper area, looks a bit like a coat of armour!  LOL

Finally, a bit of a relaxed pose

A bit cheer for turning a wadder into a top I will wear and enjoy.  This afternoon, Meredith said, "Mom, I like your new top, it is so much better than that dress!"  She is so right.


  1. By too soft a hand, did you mean no recovery? Or showed every lump and bump? Or too drapey?

    The top is cute!

  2. Too drapey, there is recovery, just not a lot. I think the fabric was just too lightweight for the dress. Didn't hold the shape of the pleats, etc.


  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    The top looks lovely on you; great save!

  4. Maybe it's the color. I just made a jacket (same color knit) the front drapes longer in the front then the back. The front ended up down at my knees wore it once that way - felt rediculous - going to go back and angle the front shorter to save the jacket.

  5. The color is stunning and the top is very lovely. I'm sure you'll get tons of wear from it. g

  6. Good save! The new top looks great with your red jeans and I love the color! You made me laugh!

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Glad you could save the fabric and make this!

  8. I love it. Good save! Another good color in you!

  9. Good save ! I appreciate your several pattern and you looking beautiful.

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