Sunday, December 30, 2012


Here is a couple more items completed for my grandson’s nursery.
First the hanging book displays, made from this tutorial.  My only change was to make the displays 35” wide, that was the wall space available in the nursery
hanging book displays Girls in the Garden blog
The second item is the crib skirt made from a tutorial from Sew 4 Home.
Changes here are omitting the ties, which is an option in the pattern.  Also, making the length shorter than their recommended cutting instructions.  The pattern does state to carefully measure and add 1” for seam allowances.  Erin and I measured 18” for the drop of the skirt.  We measured incorrectly, I need to shorten the skirt by 2”.  To do this I am going to take it from the top of the skirt.  The top is attached to a platform piece and the panels are lined, I think shortening from the top will be the easiest.
crib skirt Girls in the Garden blog
See it is just a little too long.
One more change, I did not add a panel to the back.  The crib is always going to be against the wall and I did not want to use fabric for that.  I did attach 3 pieces of ribbon, I thought it might need to be tied to the back and help with the weight from the front.
Tonight I finished a pillow for the rocker, we covered some canvases with fabric for some art on the walls and painted some letters for the canvas project.
All these pictures were taken with a phone.  Once the nursery is totally complete, I will go in with my camera.
Today was our Christmas with all our daughters and our two son-in-laws, it was the most wonderful day.  I enjoyed the family time, the food and my cute new clothes.  I am blessed with a wonderful family.


  1. Lori, I love those book holders! I've never seen such a thing. I forwarded the idea to my daughter to see if she would like something like that. Love the fabric, too.

  2. Of course I had to Pin those book holders for future reference :-) The nursery is adorable!

  3. Well, I an see right now that the baby is not going to be at all pampered!