Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crib Sheets

My little grandson will be here before we know it and Erin is taking advantage the Christmas break from teaching to get the nursery in order.  That means Grandma,  Nana  or Nanny, or who knows what my name will be, needed to get busy.  I went to work on crib sheets.
Using this Tutorial from Sew 4 Home to make the crib sheets.  There is only one problem with this tutorial, the fabric requirements are 45” wide.  Most quilting cottons don’t come 45” wide anymore.  Instead of turning the edges 3/8” then another 3/8” under, I serged the raw edges and turned the 3/8” only once.  This saved 3/4” of an inch (approximately).
I made four over the last 2 days, one is pieced with strips of yellow and a cute John Deere print.  The nursery is browns, greens and yellows, with a touch of John Deere items. 
Here is the stack, folded terribly, I never have mastered fitted sheet folding
crib sheets - 4
Here is the pieced one in place:
crib sheet

A pillow, the book slings, a crib skirt and Meredith needs to finish his quilt, then the nursery sewing is complet.


  1. The sheets are so lovely and colourful; I really like non-traditional colour schemes in a nursery. You are a good grandmother-to-be :) How exciting for your whole family!

  2. Love the pieced one, it's so cute. I've made cradle sheets but not full size.

  3. Crib sheets are so fun to make. I made many of them for my granddaughter in pretty flannels. The trick to the edges is not to fold over and thread the elastic, but rather to stitch the elastic directly to the edge. Serge the edges as you did, and then just stretch the elastic as you did, stitch, and fold over if you want, but not needed. Can't remember where I saw the tutorial that taught me that.

  4. So nice to make crib sheets for your Grandchild! I took my husband with me to Fabric Depot to buy fabric for our Grandson's crib sheets. He had a blast picking out the fabric!

  5. Darla in PA2:21 PM

    Oh, what fun! Love the color scheme. What a lucky little boy! He'll be here before know it.

  6. These are lovely. What a fun project.

  7. These are the sweetest crib sheet I have ever seen. I love the John Deere fabric!

  8. Oh my I never even thought of making crib sheets for a baby so these are just too cool! And I'm known as Nana...I love hearing them yell Nana when they come barreling into the house.