Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

A blast from the past from my Halloween Sewing
Halloween 1993
Halloween 1993 – Erin is Snow White and Paige is Belle

halloween dresses fall 2000
Halloween 2000 Meredith in the black and Kaitlyn in the orange.  I believe the pattern was a Kwik Sew.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fabric Purchases

I was washing all my fabric from my recent purchases during State Softball and I forgot to show pictures on my blog.
Here is my haul, all for around $78 and I think about 25 yards.
The stores is Fabric Outlet in Springfield, MO.

Now some of you were asking what the new business is, well it is in agriculture.  Something my family has been in for over 60 years.

Now back to washing fabric and planning what I am making.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well, the early ultrasound indicated boy and they have another one tomorrow to verify.  I could not wait any longer to make something, so I pulled out my Ottobre magazines and made jeans from 1/2005 # 6 baby jeans.  The top is 5/2006 #1 body suit.
I did not have enough fabric to make a full bodysuit, so it is a t-shirt this time.
Front – the “x”pieces are knee pads. 
ottobre boy outfit
Here is the back:
ottobre boy outfit -back
I made a size 3-6 months but the jeans look a bit big.  I can adjust after the little guy is born!
I used a small tag on the back pocket, from the Sew4Kids email list days – a Lamington Lane label, I believe.  I need to check to see if they are still around.  I am just so thrilled how the entire outfit turned out.  Now to stock up on boy fabric, something new to my house.
Tonight we are celebrating my son-in-law’s birthday (the daddy) and I have wrapped this little outfit up for part of his present.  Chris wanted a gift card to Bass Pro for part of his present and the card is sticking in the back pocket.

Thanks all for your support on the issue from the previous post, it means the world to me.  I do think I had the URL posted incorrectly but a simple email to me would of rectified the situation.  I believe a kind sole at PR is going to take down one of the threads on the MIsc. section.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pictures and Job Update

I have to share some pictures from the weekend

The home run swing:

Meredith getting a big hug from Kaitlyn  (sunglasses) in the dugout after the home run.  This picture is amazing, just such pure joy and happiness on both their faces!  Brings tears to my eyes.

On a side note my husband, myself and 2 other family members purchased a business last month and have been working very hard to get the doors open. Tomorrow is opening day and I will be working full-time as office administrator, accountant, gopher, etc.  My sewing time will be a bit more limited but I love this business and so happy to be back!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

State Champs again!

We win it 3 to 0 but waited to score in top of 7th.  Meredith was first up to bat in the 7th inning, hits a home run bomb over the center field fence.  That was her first home run of the season.  What a way to end a high school career, hitting that amazing shot.  So proud of my girls and the team. 

Meredith was interviewed by a television station and a newspaper after the game.  The newspaper asked her how many home runs have you hit this season?  Uh, that was the first!

So put me in the book, my days as a softball parent are over, but what a way to go out. Back-to-back state championships!

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Monday, October 15, 2012


Last year at this time our softball team went to the Final Four championship.  The girls ended up winning the State Championship.

Here is the post on the semi-final game 2011 and here is the post on the State Championship game,

Well, we are heading back for a repeat performance.  Semi-final game is on Friday, if you win then you play for first on Saturday,  lose then play later on Friday for third.  I think it is an awesome accomplishment for these hardworking girls.

Here are my two after the sectional win:

As a parent, I am so proud of my daughters, they have worked hard and put in countless hours for this sport., Another benefit the town hositing the final four has many fabric stores, including fashion fabric stores. Shopping here I come!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Burda 7318–Maternity Coat

Description: semi-fitted coat, with hood or collar.  Two lengths, empire waist, pockets and drafted for maternity.
Sizes: 36- 46
Instructions:  They were good for Burda, I did use some other sources for tailoring and coat making to add some body  to the coat.
Changes: I underlined the entire coat with Pro-Weft Supreme Lightweight Fusible from Pam Erny and the Medium Supreme for the interfaced parts.

I added a back stay
back stay
and sleeve heads
sleeve head
The rest of the construction process, I followed Burda’s instructions.
Fabric:  An orange wool flannel from Fashionista Fabrics.  The wool was not quite thick enough for a winter coat so I ordered coat lining from Vogue Fabrics.  The coat lining was heavier with a flannel back, perfect for added warmth to the coat.
We picked out brown buttons and brown lining, avoiding black so it wouldn’t look to Halloween-inspired.
Likes/Dislikes:  Erin and I were looking at patterns and this one jumped right out at us.  Looks very stylish and chic with the maternity style.  I had no dislikes.
Conclusion:  I started on this coat back in August, when my serger was being repaired.  I was able to get the wool part of the garment completed.  Then my serger was fixed and I started working on all her clothing.  I went back to it yesterday and finished it this morning. 
I am so pleased how it turned out, the pattern is perfectly drafted and it was a good pattern to work with.
Here is the stylish new coat from the front:

burda 7318 front

Burda 7318 side

Button side:
side buttons
and finally the back:

Burda 7318 back

Last Four Maternity Shirts

I am putting them all in one post, they are all from previously reviewed patterns.
First up Megan Neilsen’s Ruched top.  Blogged here and here and reviewed here
The first one is a stripe knit from Joann’s
megan neilson stripe
close-up of neck binding on the bias
bias binding

Then a thin off-white from Joann’s, Erin will have to layer it but it will be a good basic.  Shirt is stuck on the pillow bump pretty awkwardly!
megan nielson off white
Gathers on the side:
gathers on side

#3 is SImplicity 2804
blogged here and here and here (wow I look young in that one)
and finally reviewed here
For Erin’s version, I omitted the bottom band, lengthened the entire top by 4”.  Then added 2” to the front curving to side seams.  This is from a sweater knit from Joann’s.
SImp 2804
This is one of my favorite tops, it just looks so cute on the dressform.
So the neckline wouldn’t stretch out, I used some lycra binding.  I sewed this as binding at the neckline and then turned it completely to the wrong side.  I did turn it in a bit more, so it would not show at all.
lycra binding
Finally, Vogue 8597
Here is the review and the blog post and another blog post
This fabric is from a mystery bundle at Fabric Mart.
I made view C with alterations
  • Altering the side seams, but cutting at the seam to the bust dart, hinging this out 2” at the bottom.
  • adding 2” to the center front and tapering to side seams
  • this Vogue pattern is very fitted, lots of curves at the waist.  I straightened the pattern allowing more room for the belly.
Vogue 8597
collar on vogue 8597

One thing to finish for Erin and I think her maternity wardrobe is good.  I can see her wanting something new and different at Christmas and then toward the end of the pregnancy. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

Ottobre 5/2008#3

ottobre 1 and 3_edited-1
I have been wanting to make this top since I received the magazine, and looking at the date that has been 4 years ago!  I think the style lends itself to a maternity style – just loosen the belt!
Description: Dress or tunic with front paned gathered to the straight yoke with pintucks.  The back yokes with rounded corners follow the curve of the shoulder beautifully.  The sleeve edges are gathered with elastics and finished with narrow hems.  The small loops at the waist of the dress hold the narrow belt that is tied twice round the waist. Dress falls just above the knee or can be shortened to tunic length.
Sizes: 34 to 46
Instructions:  I hadn’t made anything from Ottobre in quite some time but was reminded out good their instructions are.  They are clear, concise, easy to follow. 
Likes/Dislikes:  I have always liked the shape of this dress, the pintucks and the the tie belt.
Changes:  The pattern is designed for a woven and has a zipper in the back.  I used a knit so eliminated the zipper.  I also eliminated the back yoke piece.  Instead cutting the back in one piece, on the fold.  I also did not add the small loops for the belt and just hemmed the sleeves omitting the eleastic.
Fabric: Cotton knit from Joann’s.
Conclusion:  Another winner for Erin’s maternity wardrobe

Here with the ties fastened in the back
ottobre no ties
tied in back – no yoke.
back ties
Worn as pattern picture indicates and my favorite style. 
ottobre ties in front
I finished her last 4 tops this weekend and then I need to finish up her winter coat. 

Friday, October 05, 2012

Butterick 5495–maternity style

I have made this top three times before.
Check out the
version 1
version 2
version 3
and the Pattern Review

This time I made it maternity style, the only change was to make the fabric band in the front much looser.
Fabric is a rayon lycra from Joann’s and I used the view with sleeves
butterick 5495 maternity style

This top really shows the lumpy pillow Smile

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  It was a good birthday and my hubby and friends planned a surprise party for me that night. 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It is my birthday!

And it is a big one, ending in a 0!
So instead of old Lori you will get a picture of 4-year old Lori!  Smile
me at 4 years old
I think part of my day will involve some sewing, which I think is a great way to celebrate my birthday.