Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kwik Sew 3467

Which looks better in the model photo:

I have had this pattern for a couple of years and never sewn it.  I was just worried if it would look too maternity-ish.  Well, my worries were right, IMHO.
Here is the review and pictures to follow, you decide:
Pattern Description: Misses´Tops, designed for stretch knits only with 35% stretch across the grain. Misses´pullover tops have deep V-neckline finished with self-fabric binding. View A has full-length sleeves and gathers at center front bust seam. View B is sleeveless with armholes finished with self-fabric bindings, and has tucks at center front bust seam.

Pattern Sizing:XS, S, M, L, XL. I made size M.
Instructions:  As always Kwik Sew does an incredible job with instructions.  Especially, with the pleats/gather portion of this top.  It is a bit different construction process, but Kwik Sew has several steps and illustrations on the pattern sheet.  This really eliminates confusion and allows success.  The front is cut all in one piece with the gathers/tucks constructed first.  Sew the center front, here is a picture, good stripe matching (took a couple of tries) but poor picture focus
stripe match on front - KS 3467
Then you sew what resembles a dart to attach the top to the pleats/tucks.  The ends of my dart are not the best:
pleats on KS 3467
Likes/Dislikes:  I liked the look of this top for me but not the fullness.  After constructing it, the v-neck is very deep, so a dislike.  The fullness is very “full”, so go down a size if you are not sewing this style for maternity.  Erin and I said this top will be one she will wear in the last trimester, it is so roomy right now. 
Fabric:  A striped cotton/lycra from Hancock’s
Conclusion:  I won’t make this top again, I wasn’t exceptionally  thrilled with the results and I am certainly happy I hadn’t made it for myself.  It will be just fine for Erin during the later months of pregnancy and will be very comfortable.
Kwik Sew 3467 front Girls in the Garden Blog
Also, what do you think of Kwik Sew’s photography?
Here is a picture for an email I received from the company today, not too impressive.

it is better in the line drawing

or do you like this one any better?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Kwik Sew patterns, they just would be much more appealing with better photography and fabric choices.


  1. Wow you are just whipping them out. My daughter is due in two weeks. I need to get in gear and make her some nursing tops ASAP. I need borrow some of your mojo.

  2. Looks great! I couldn't agree more about Kwik Sew's photos and fabrics! Clothing shouldn't be made from quilting cotton in my opinion and that's what's in most of their photos. I try to avoid the "homeschool look" haha! (I am a homeschooler, so that was not a slam). I can sure see that last top in a great fabric, though, since peplums are so in right now!

  3. Your daughter is going to have the BEST maternity wardrobe! And the most unique.

    Yes! The photos and fabric are UGLY. I didn't think I'd be interested in the skirt but looked at in on a lark anyway. Turns out it is almost like a favorite RTW skirt.

    I agree about KS's wonderful instructions. When I was a new seamstress, I learned so much from using their patterns. I still use them to help with certain sewing construction.

    Did you notice in the new patterns KS has moved to tissue paper instead of their traditional white heavy paper? That decision will keep me from purchasing new patterns from them. I so appreciated the heavy paper.

  4. I have never tried a Kwik Sew Pattern, but it could be the photography! I will have to revisit there patterns with a closer attention to the line art and details, cause the photos are definetly not very appealing,.LOL

  5. That top pattern is definitely a maternity pattern.

    Kwik Sew really do themselves a disservice with their pictures so I tend to look at their line drawings too.

  6. It looks terrific as a maternity top, so fortunate your daughter will get some wear out of it :) (And congratulations! btw)
    With regard to the KwikSew patterns, I agree; those fabric choices are very dodgy and will put off a lot of keen seamsters. It can be hard sometimes to look past the chosen fabrics in a sample and focus on the lines of the pattern... Such a pity!

  7. Agree with you, and everyone on here. The choices they are making in the fabric and photography just makes the designs look old fashioned and dated. Not everyone can see through those images to get to the point of finding that the pattern is really great. It's a shame.