Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amy Butler’s Honey Bun Poufs

My sewing friend’s were talking about this pattern and using it for a dog bed.  At first, I wasn’t too interested but then Erin and Chris bought new family room furniture.  New furniture means their golden lab, Junior, isn’t allowed on the furniture.  He has been laying on an old fleece blanket, so I thought about the pouf pattern for a dog bed and decided to give it a try.
I really thought sew  it  since I have been without a serger for a two weeks and it will be another week until it is ready.  That means no garment sewing.  I could do some winter coats but it is 90 degrees here today and I just can’t sew wool right now.

Here is a top view of her pattern

Back to the pouf.  This isn’t for the faint of heart.  For the large one you need 5/8 yard of 6 prints,  2-3/8 yard of canvas (had this on shelf for a few years),  twin size package of quilt batting (used all my scraps from previous quilts), zipper, and thread.
To get started you cute 90 pieces – 30 each from fabric, quilt batting and canvas.
The sewing was straightforward but a walking foot would of helped with the layers.
The zipper was the hardest part, mine looks horrible and no, I did not take pictures.  The stitching for the zipper goes through several layers and the pouf has the curved edge to it.  This making it a bit more difficult to stitch.
I know why she uses a button in the middle
from top
I could not get the points to line up at all.  My button would have to be pretty darn big.  I am not going to worry with a button, probably isn’t that comfortable in the middle of the pouf.  Upon completing one half of the pout, the mis-matched point was driving me crazy.  I kept looking at it and trying to figure out how to fix it.  I didn’t see a good solution, re-read the instructions.  Still no answers, then reminded myself it is a dog bed.
I think if you used all the same fabric, the matching of points would be less noticeable.
For the inside the pattern recommends:
Polystyrene beads - bag size: 2 cubic foot (from Poly-fil®)
  • 1 bag for the medium pouf
  • 2 bags for the large pouf
I found a big package at Wal-Mart with the bean bags.  I used approximately 3/4 of a bag.  I did not overstuff the pouf so it would more resemble a dog bed.
A few more pictures:
honey pouf


Some notes:
If you used quilting cotton then you need the canvas to make the outer layer a bit thicker.  Home dec fabric does not need the canvas.
My fabric is quilting cotton and working on the entire pouf does get a bit heavy and bulky to manipulate while sewing.
Erin thinks the pouf – dog bed is really cute (just sent her a picture).  I am pleased with the project, would only consider sewing one more and that is if Paige wants one for her dog.


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    What a great dog bed! Why not applique on a flat circle of fabric in place of the button if the mismatch bothers you. Looks super cute and comfy!

  2. What a lucky pup! It's a very thoughtful gift and it looks really fantastic!

  3. Super doggie bed! I like those pillows. Yummy!

  4. Looks great! I am sure Junior will take to his new bed very quickly. I completely agree with you regarding the button. It's ok if you're just going to use the cushion as decoration but for any person - or pooch - to sit on, leaving the button off is a much better route.


  5. Goodness, that's quite an intense project! I would never have guessed! It really turned out great Lori!

  6. That looks really nice, and REALLY involved for a dog bed. Hope Fido appreciates it! I would probably have done what Anon recommended...applique a circle.

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