Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Good Day

You know when you have a really good day?  Well, today was a good day
  • Erin and I went to Joann’s and Hancock’s to get fabric and patterns for some maternity clothes.  I will be making an assortment of things from regular patterns to actual maternity patterns.  She isn't showing much but this was a day that worked for us to go and we took advantage.  I have a pile of things to make over the next 3 months.
  • This is one of the patterns we purchased and I have started cutting it out.  Thought it was a good one to make while I wait for my serger to get fixed.
  • Talked to Paige on the phone today
  • Talked to my brother also
  • Kaitlyn made chocolate chip cookies
  • I ate some of Kaitlyn’s chocolate chip cookies
  • Took a nap
  • Went for a walk
  • went for a drive with hubby, checking out things on the farm
  • Meredith went to the grocery store for me
  • and I got this in my inbox

The picture was this one, something I had pinned at Pinterest.

Here is the link to the Polyvore information on this outfit.
Isn’t it a great outfit?


  1. Oh my word! I'd have been doing back flips. That is CRAZY COOL!

  2. Now THAT's a good day, you fashionista!

  3. ooh I love that outfit!

  4. HOW COOL! I want to be besties with Nina too. Guess I need to learn how to use polyvore. ;)

  5. I would have been floored to have Nina comment on something I had posted. You did have a good day/week.

  6. Wow--how fun to be recognized by Nina! You never know who is viewing our boards. I like your last two tops. Very pretty.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day. Love the outfit! I know you can recreate the dress and tote.

  8. That is SO awesome! Maybe you will get an invite to be on Project Runway!!!!
    Did you see all of new baby knits at Joann's?

  9. That is so wonderful that Erin has you to help her build a maternity wardrobe. I know it was definitely a plus that I could sew some of my clothes.

    That sounds like a really good day, too!

  10. Pretty cool. I agree with you and Nina---great outfit.

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