Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Bedroom Update

The first of the year, hubby and I decided to update this bedroom and sold my high school furniture on Craig’s List.  I was thrilled to have the golden oak furniture out of the house and knew a trip to Home Goods was in my future.

Well, it has been a work in progress over the months but it is complete now and here is a bit of the process.

First, we needed to get a new queen mattress and a headboard.  Years ago, Mike (hubby), made our older two daughters’ headboards.  They were only for full beds but I loved how the looked.  I asked Mike if he could just add another piece of molding around the headboard and make it a full.  He said that would work and he headed to Lowe’s.  The molding and a new coat of paint made a perfect new headboard and the cost was minimal.

Take a look
close up

I painted the walls Valspar Silver Leaf, which is a gray with blue tones.  So with this blank canvas, Mike and I headed to Home Goods.  It was one of those days where everything came together and I found just what I wanted.  My parents were with us and I think my dad thought I was crazed shopper!
We bought a lamp,bedding,  cabinet, pillow and  picture and later found the curtains and another lamp at Pier One.   The picture was the “inspiration” and all the colors came from it.  I spotted it first thing.

close up of picture

The bedding:

The yellow piece was a gift years ago from my Mom, I spray painted yellow for a craft room and decided to move it into this room.  I had the table from the same craft room and all the milk glass.

This is my favorite corner:

The ladder was from the family room, antique quilts made by a relative probably 70 years ago, wicker chair I have had for several years.  The cabinet came from Home Goods and I loved the color.  The ceiling tiles I found in a local antique store.  I couldn’t believe my luck, the colors were perfect.  I was only going to buy one but Paige talked me into two.  She was so right.

The last purchase – curtains from Pier One.
curtains and picture
I am thrilled with the redo, this room is so “me”.

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  1. I LOVE that turquoise display table thing! It fits perfect in the room and I love the color! Visiting from Tatertots & Jello!

    1. Me, too! And the lamps. And the pillow! That'd be my fave corner, too!

  2. What did you to the wall hangings on the favorite corner? They look so cool!!!!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors you used and all the personal touches you added through your shopping! :)

  4. Just let me know when I can book a weekend in the guest room because it's so beautiful!

  5. So pretty! I really liked the before one as well! You are very good decorating!

  6. That is gorgeous Lori - so inspiring!!!

  7. Everything looks great! What a great redo!

  8. Wow, it really came together! I have been looking for my decorating mo-jo for the last few years. I really wish it would come back!

  9. Beautiful room - love the colors and accessories!

  10. I very beautiful, serene room. I lack the decorating gene, but I can admire!

  11. ohhhh this is lovely! I especially love the yellow piece and the curtains. Beautiful

  12. What a fresh, calm, lovely room! So inviting! You have a wonderful eye for putting together all the right details.

  13. Such beautiful and relaxing colours! I especially love the green in the "quilt corner"

  14. What a beautiful remodel, so peaceful and serene.

  15. Gorgeous! I love your color palette, and all of the accessories make it so interesting.

  16. What a sweet guest room! I love your choices for color and pattern. (Especially the drapes.) And how fun to have actual family heirloom quilts to display--they totally make the room!

  17. Now that I've moved my sewing room, I have the "old sewing room" to redo. You've given me some good ideas!

  18. I would love to sleep in that room. It's like a Bed&Breakfast.

  19. Love the turquoise cabinet! I just found a small table my husband stashed in the basement (trash picked no doubt) that I was going to paint turqouise for a pop of color in my bedroom. The room turned out lovely.

  20. I love all the turquoise, especially in the ceiling tiles and lamp. You are making me want to sew a pair of turquoise jeans. All I have to do is, first, learn how to sew jeans. But definitely the abundant turquoise in this room is inspiring my fashion sewing!



  21. It lools so fresh and pretty! The headboard is really, really cool...nice job Mike
    . Colors are so you!
    Let me know when I get to be your guest!

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