Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New placemats

The fabric line called Ruby has been whispering my name since Camille put some of the pictures on her blog.  I didn’t want to make an entire quilt but I knew I needed to make something with it.  So of course, I purchased some, 2 yards of a print and a layer cake.  I would decide later what I was making!
I noticed this quilting book Fast and Furious Family – Quilt as You Go  and Included in the book are  some darling placemats, top left corner

Image from this site
I had to adapt my design a bit, a layer cake is only 10” long, so I added a border to the top and bottom.  Also, in the layer cake you get all the fabrics from the line.  This is great in most of my quilting needs but the Ruby line had several greens and  I do not have any green in my house.  So those came out.  I whipped up 8 placemats, sent them to the quilter (opted not to quilt as you go) and talked my wonderful mom into hand sewing the binding into place.  I will add she did a beautiful job.

Here is one of the placemats

Pictures on my table
on table
another view with plates:
with plates

and finally a close up of my zinnias
I did tell my family, move the placemats out of the way before you put a plate on them.  No eating on them for awhile!

I am so thrilled with the end results and the placemats were just like the book stated, Fast!

I had some comments about sewing clothes and quilting and getting things done so quickly.  I am not working currently so lots of time to sew,


  1. So pretty, and your beautiful zinnias go so well with the placemats!

  2. They are so pretty. Love the quilting pattern.

  3. Love the placemats, I think I have the exact same dining room table!!!

  4. I am like you, I have fell in love with the 'Ruby' line, as well as the new one, wow, of course the 'reds' speak to me the most in it and what I think amazes me the most is that I am loving the pinks in it....... gorgeous placemats. I was behind on my 'blogstalking' glad to get caught up with you, since we haven't seen each other as much lately, but school isn't too far off. Enjoy the rest of your summer. :)

  5. Your placemats are beautiful and so is your centerpiece! I KNOW I wouldn't let my family eat on them!!

  6. Love the placemats! I am always amazed at the beautiful things that you are able to make and how quickly you make them. Your projects always inspire!