Thursday, January 13, 2011

Card Making

A few months ago I purchased a Silhouette Machine and have been enjoying it.  My use of this machine has increased the last couple of weeks, as the twins and I have set up an extra bedroom for scrapbooking and crafting.  I am able to leave my Silhouette out and I really have been able to learn more about this machine.  I am amazed how much you can do with the Silhouette and the software.  Each Monday, on the Silhouette Blog, there is a tutorial.  I try to work through each tutorial, just to learn the software a bit better.  Another great feature, is a weekly free design and the blog always has a cute way to use the free design.

In the evenings, I have been making some cards.

From the weekly design this week - I used all the bits and pieces to make these three cards:

Here is one more - just cut using some punches


  1. Lovely cards... Not sure if you can use svg graphics, but check out

  2. Cute cards! Nice to hear that you like your Silhouette and it helps to have it out and ready to a sewing machine, I imagine! I don't have a cutter like that (yet!), but my daughters and I like to make cards too. We spent the whole day after Thanksgiving making Christmas cards. So much fun!

  3. Those are so cool! :)

  4. Very cute! I've GOT To start using my machine more!!!